Aroma-Zone Empties

Aroma-Zone Empties

How satisfying is it when you finish a beauty product!? I feel so guilty if I buy a new product and have not even finished the previous one yet. I pin this blame entirely upon the seemingly never-ending sales, promotions, deals and adverts which push me to buy more and more by continually stoking my fear that i might be missing THE bargain (I of course absolve myself of all responsibility in my own mind).Somehow i always managed to end up with at least 3 cleansers, 3 moisturisers and 3 masks and yet never learned that i won’t have enough time (and definitely not enough faces) to try them all!! Anyway I think I fared far better this year and didn’t waste anywhere near as much as I used to (shame on me)!! I have now, somewhat worryingly, arrived at a point where i feel a heady mixture of excitement, pride and happiness whenever I see an empty bottle and realise I have managed to curb this impulsive side of my personality (even though I definitely recognise how ridiculous this all is^^). I have been storing up all these empty bottles for months now waiting for my blog to be online so i could give a run down of them all!! So I’m happy to be able to finally share my thoughts about these products with you!

Jojoba oil | This is a must have, you need this in your life! This oil can be used in many different ways; as a makeup remover it easily removes mascara/foundation/lipstick, as a moisturiser it protects skin from drying out and as a hair treatment it nourishes hair.

Abyssinian oil | I talked about this oil not long ago on my instagram. I chose to use it as an eye makeup remover particularly due to its eyelash strengthening properties. My eyelashes look much longer especially because I use it in combination with my own home made serum of organic castor oil and organic almond oil.  

Grapefruit Hydrolate | I used this hydrolate to make a thermal protector hair spray, the recipe is available on the aroma-zone website. I’m not entirely sure if it’s effective or not but I think it’s better to try and use something than nothing to protect hair when blow-drying! I won’t re-buy it for the moment as I want to try a different recipe I’m working on!

Peppermint Hydrolate | It’s not my first bottle and definitely won’t be my last! I use it every morning after cleansing my face. It refines pores and brightens the complexion! It’s very refreshing and smells delicious. I highly recommend it for combination skin!

Damask Rose Hydrolate | I didn’t notice any results on my skin, I felt as though I could have used water and it wouldn’t have made any difference, so obviously I won’t rebuy (although it may work better on dry skin).

Lait de Miel Shower Cream | ohhhhh my! I loved this!! The smell is absolutely gorgeous. This shower cream is really pleasant and leaves the skin soft and hydrated, I already have 2 bottles in my drawers.

Nénuphar & Rose Shower Cream | A summery shower cream with a nice texture but I much prefer the Lait de Miel so I won’t buy it again.

Shea Butter | Already re-purchased this in a bigger size! I used it on holiday to protect my hair from the sun but I also use it to make body cream, or to treat my dry lips and dry cuticles etc.. it’s an effective multi task product and there are thousand of ways you can use this amazing product.

White Cacao | I mix this with coconut oil and apply it to the dry ends of my hair. It makes my hair ends much more supple but I can have the same result with shea butter therefore I won’t buy any more of it for this particular purpose. However I do want to try and make some soap with it so because of that it will definitely be included in my Aroma-Zone basket next time I go on a shopping trip to Paris!

That is all for now! What products have you used up recently and loved?


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