5 Organic & Naturals Deodorants Review

I have found myself falling further under the intoxicating spell of natural & organic Deodorants over the last few years and so was really excited to test lots more of them from different brands (one of the first natural deodorant brands I featured on my blog was Schmidt’s in this article you can find here). Today I am going to share my experience and opinion of 5 deodorants I have been trying out: BelleBulle, Mademoiselle Bio, Lamazuna, Agent Nateur and The Ohm Collection. They are all 100% naturals and aluminum free of course.

Deodorant Stick N°61 BelleBulle

I seem to have ended up with quite a mixed opinion of this deodorant. When I received it my initial response was to find myself quite surprised by the tiny tube!! At a meagre 17ml when compared to its price of €10 I find it immensely expensive. Schmidt’s deodorants, for example, cost around €11 for 92 grams! A noticeable difference in terms of pricing!! I don’t like the smell much, which is not because of its lovely fresh mint scent, but due to the fact that it is far too strong for my taste. The scent is so potent I find it even overpowers the smell of whatever perfume I am wearing……..smelling of fresh mint from 10 meters away is really not for me! However, in terms of efficiency, I have absolutely no reason to deduct any points from this deodorant as it works very well, in fact it works a little too well and covers all smells in the surrounding area! It definitely manages to neutralize bad smells all day long and even my workout tests didn’t phase this tiny little pocket rocket.

Deodorant Crème Menthe Verte Mademoiselle Bio

I must admit that I was not very excited before trying this deodorant. I don’t especially like pot format deodorants because I find them inconvenient. Putting your finger in it and massaging your armpits is not top of anyone’s to-do list each morning, I am sure. I still gave it a chance though and definitely don’t regret it. This one also has a really pleasant fresh mint scent but far softer than the Belle Bubble deodorant. Its texture is mostly creamy with a slight touch of grain but spreads easily and leaves a dry finish. Another of my favourite things about any deodorant is that you can get dressed straight after the application. I tried in all possible situations (sport, busy day, stress) and not a shadow of smell! Nada! I can raise my arms as much as I like all day long without feeling anything!

Deodorant Solide Lamazuna

This deodorant was very effective in the beginning but after a few weeks my armpits could unfortunately no longer bear it. It started to cause me unpleasant itching and then big red patches started to appear. I had to stop using it which really was too bad as I really liked the fact that it was zero waste (compostable packaging).

Deodorant Stick Agent Nateur

I have heard so many good things about this deodorant that I had high hopes for it but it didn’t work on me at all! I don’t sweat a lot but let’s just say that by the end of the day I was literally running to take a shower! To top off the bad news, after 2 weeks of use my armpits were on fire feeling totally irritated and its texture was not very pleasant leaving me with a sticky feeling. After all these downsides there was nothing left but to put it straight into the bin unfortunately.

Deodorant Neroli The Ohm Collection

This is the last one I tested which of course means it is the one that I’m using right now. This deodorant comes in the form of a powder which I would describe as a very fine salt. You have to put a little in the palm of your hand and spread it under the armpits. The application is not very practical and the first time I tried it I inadvertently managed to get it everywhere. It’s not an issue though as you soon get used to it! As I’ve not had it long I have not yet tested it during a workout and only in what I would call everyday situations. At the end of the day when I check my armpits I smell a little bit but nothing bad and only detect an odor if I put my nose right next to my armpits. I have to admit though that seeing as it’s so cold right now I am even less prone to sweating than usual so I am interested to see how it goes in summer. I have a feeling a retouch during the day might be necessary but there is no way I can see myself taking a big 120 gram pot out in my bag and applying it sneakily in the toilets.

So at the end of this trial phase I haven’t really found myself in maximum crush mode on these deodorants and apart from the Mademoiselle Bio I wasn’t really blown away by any of the others. Have you tested any of these deodorants? What did you think?


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