7 favorite organic beauty products for summer

Today, as is it here in absolutely sweltering conditions, I thought it might be the perfect time to share my favorite summer beauty products for warm weather. I can’t believe we’re already at the end of july. Summer seems to be speeding by so fast but we’ve been exceptionally lucky this year in UK. The sun has been out non stop for weeks now so it got me thinking about the beauty products I have been loving and think are especially great for the summer months. Here are my favourite 7 organic products!

Patyka Intensive Moisturising Mask – This is the perfect mask for the summer season! After a day under the sun, this product is great at moisturizing the skin deeply and soothing redness due to exposure to the sun. Its formulation is based on rose hip oil (promotes healing and stimulates collagen production), avocado (prevents skin aging and deeply nourishes) extracts of salicornia (strengthen hydration) and shea butter (fight against drying). The product melts instantly upon application and my skin literally absorbs almost all the product instantly (proof that it needs it!). After ten minutes, I remove any excess using a cotton pad with flower water. It leaves my skin plumped and well moiturized and this wonderful result then stays for several days. If I notice that my skin is feeling really dehydrated, I leave the mask all night and baby soft skin is guaranteed the next morning.

Acorelle Summer Mist Body – This mist is amazing whenever you feel in need of some refreshment, literally day or night just spray this without a single thought for moderation! I take this mist everywhere with me. At the beach, in transport, on a walk…..I absolutely love it. I spray it on my skin and it instantly refreshes me while enveloping my body with a subtle monoi scented veil, it’s such a pleasurable little treat! Its composition is 100% natural and contains grapefruit, lemon and orange fruit waters, as well as glycerine. There are no photo-sensitizing ingredients so can be used all day long without any risk to the skin.

Pur Aloé Vera – This is a product that everyone should definitely have in their home. Aloe vera is used in so many spectacular ways; skin care, hair care and to treat sores. This is all thanks to its moisturizing, soothing and healing properties. In summer it’s essential in case of sunburn as it refreshes, moisturizes and relieves. The addition of a few drops of calendula macerate helps accelerates skin repair too. Be careful though as all aloe vera gels are certainly not created equal! I advise you to choose one based on organic aloe vera pulp and not dehydrated aloe powder which can lose its benefits. This one is very good though!

Karethic Shea Butter – In the summer I use this mainly as a balm for my feet. I tend to have very dry feet when its hot and this is the only product that seems to feed them enough and protect them from drying out. Every night I spread them with shea butter and put on socks before leave them for anywhere between 1 hour to overnight. In the morning I find beautifully renewed feet! This Shea Butter is one of my absolute favourites (review here).

Pulpe De vie Like The Beach Self Tanning – This is not the first time I have mentioned this cream on my blog but I honestly can’t talk about my summer beauty favorites without mentioning it. It manages to wonderfully achieves a dual purpose of achieving a natural looking healthy golden tan whilst moisturizing my skin throughout the day. I apply a small amount of this cream to my face daily and walk away with beautifully soft skin and a lovely honey like complexion.

Black Tea Body Scrub Delhicious – A few days before exposing myself to the sun I always go through full body exfoliation. This helps to get rid of any dead skin cells and to tan evenly. My current go to product for this exfoliation routine is Delhicious. Not only does it exfoliate perfectly and smell stunningly good but it leaves my skin incredibly soft. One warning though, it’s quite a strong exfoliator so really feel the grains, similar to coffee ground scrubs. It is based on black tea (antioxidant), sweet almond oil (nourishing) and himalayan salt (detoxifying).

Madara Anti-Pollution CC Cream SPF15  – So finally, let’s talk about make-up! I have been obsessed with Madara products since I discovered their brand. After testing some of their skincare products, I have now moved on to trying their makeup range and I must confess, I’m in love. In summer it is often difficult to cope with heavy makeup smothering your skin, especially with the heat at this time of year! So instead of these suffocating heavy options I would advise opting to let your skin breathe a bit by using a far lighter CC Cream. My recent discovery of Madara’s medium colour City CC has done this job brilliantly. A tinted cream that combines hydration (contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera) and UV protection (SPF 15). I love its light texture that unifies my skin and makes it appear more beautiful while leaving a natural finish. The finish is bright and fresh without giving a mask like effect, I really feel like I’m not wearing anything. A little setting powder on the T zone, and done, I’m ready for the day.

What are your best discoveries of the moment? Feel free to share yours, so that we can hopefully find the ultimate selection! :)

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