Best Cleansing Balm – Mahalo The Unveil

After months and months spent drooling over Mahalo Products I finally spoiled myself and bought a few sneaky little items during the Black Friday sales. I convinced myself it was OK to do this, even though I have a bathroom full of products, as firstly they were 25% off and secondly it was my birthday not a long time ago and I definitely deserved a treat! So now that I had managed to create enough excuses I decided to take the plunge. For this blog post I decided to review my favorite product from Mahalo, The Unveil, which is a luxurious, no-cloth-required oil cleanser aimed specifically at effectively dissolving makeup and removing daily impurities to unveil a soft and glowing complexion. So seeing as I have just finished the pot recently I feel perfectly poised to dive into a full comprehensive review! So let’s see how it does…..

Looks/Feels/Smells – It has a lovely light green colour that reminds me of natural meadows. It looks really inviting and definitely gives off natural vibes. In terms of its smell there is a particularly lemony citrus scent with subtle hints of fragonia, ginger, cardamon and pepper as well as a cocoa hint which has lovely calming qualities. Once the balm is applied to your skin it feels creamy and light and melts into an oil on contact with your skin and upon contact with water it transforms into a milky consistency.

How to use – Take a small amount of the product and gently massage it into your skin. Then add just enough water to wet your skin and create an emulsion with the product as you continue to massage with your fingertips. Finally rinse your face completely with warm water (you don’t need to use a cloth) and you’re done…..a beautifully fresh clean face.

Ingredients – The formula is totally natural and the ingredient list is very big^^ It contains Green Tea (firms and brightens skin), Papaya (softens the skin), Willow (exfoliates, cleans pores) Avocado oil (moisturises damaged skin), Argan oil (Antioxidant , anti-aging), Green Clay (Detoxifying) and Fragonia (anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory).

Price – £57 for 50ml.

My Thoughts – A very effective cleanser that both smells and feels lovely and cleans the skin brilliantly. It removes all traces of makeup, even mascara, while leaving your skin feeling hydrated, soft and plump without clogging pores. I love the ethical nature of the company and the way they produce their packaging and ingredients. I only have two drawbacks. Firstly, it did sting my eyes slightly (but then again my eyes are very sensitive) and secondly the price is above and beyond what most people would outlay for a cleanser. Apart from that I would now consider myself am a Mahalo convert as I don’t think I have ever experienced a natural cleanser that is comparable to this one. Never before has a cleanser left my skin feeling so amazing that it barely even needed moisturising after. I would say that this is the best balm cleanser I have come across so far and that it is becoming a must for me.

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