DIY Hair Mask For Dry Hair

I very rarely buy hair masks these days as they are just so easy to make yourself and usually far more efficient as you can target them perfectly towards what your hair needs. Today I am going to share with you one of my absolute favourite moisturising hair mask recipes which is so simple to make. I have made this same mask over and over again as the results are amazing for my hair and it’s never been in such good shape!! I suffer from extremely dry, thin and fragile hair but since using this mask regularly my hair is luxuriously soft, shiny, supple, silky and beautifully moisturised. This mask truly is a treat for my hair! If you are looking for a similar solution to treat your dull, damaged, dry, brittle hair here is the recipe for you! I promise that if you try it for yourself you will be rushing back to tell me good news in a few weeks time!

  • Ingredients

For this hair mask you’ll need:

Hot Water

1½ tbsp of aloe vera gel
1½ tbsp of spirulina powder
1½ tbsp of coconut milk powder
1½ tbsp of avocado oil
1½ tsp of glycerin
5 drops of ylang ylang essential oil

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  • Why these ingredients?

Spirulina has many benefits. It strengthens brittle and damaged hair, gives volume, shine and promotes hair growth.

Coconut powder is one of my must-haves for hair care (I use it so often in my DIY and married with spirulina it works absolute wonders)!! It is very moisturizing and nourishing and smells fantastic……I wish I could say the same for the Spirulina!

Avocado oil is perfect for dry and dull hair as it strengthens and adds shine.

The aloe vera gel is the key ingredient to moisturize the hair making it soft and silky.

Glycerin provides moisture and suppleness to the hair.

Ylang ylang essential oil promotes hair growth and shine (Warning: this essential oil is not suitable in the first 3 months of pregnancy).

  • Recipe

To make this mask really is so simple:

Put the spirulina and coconut powder into a bowl.

Pour hot water gradually over the powders and mix until a smooth and homogeneous paste is obtained.

Finally, add the rest of the ingredients making sure to mix well between each addition. The paste should be smooth and free of lumps, not too liquid nor too thick so application is nice and easy!

And your mask is ready!

  • Application

Apply this mask on dry hair, from roots to ends. Then wrap your hair under film (the heat formed under the plastic will help the penetration of the mask into the hair fibres) and leave it for a minimum of 1 hour. To finish, rinse and shampoo.

Done! Now sit back and admire the fantastic result!

If you try this hair mask, please don’t hesitate to leave me your impressions in the comments!


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