DIY Moisturizing and purifying Face Mask

If, like me, your skin often feels tight and dehydrated then this great and simple to make homemade mask is definitely for you. The basic ingredient is banana powder which is an absolute must in my bathroom. I love this powder so much and I use it all the time!

In this post I am going to go through the steps to make this amazing moisturizing and purifying mask which is perfect for all skin types and will help your skin feel wonderfully soft, smooth and supple.

  • Ingredients

2 teaspoons of banana powder
1 teaspoon of white clay
2 teaspoons of geranium flower water

Banana powder and white clay are available on Aroma-Zone.
✓The geranium flower water is available on Mademoiselle-bio.

  • Why these ingredients?

Banana powder is a must have for the skin! It boosts hydration and softens the skin.

White clay is most commonly recommended for dry skin but I have mixed skin and it suits mine perfectly. It purifies and cleanses the skin and brings great comfort. If you have oily skin I would suggest using green clay instead of white.

One of my all time favourite flower waters is Geranium as it smells just superb! In addition to its purifying and astringent properties, it restores radiance and softness to the skin.

  • Recipe

In a bowl, mix the banana powder and white clay really well.

Add the geranium flower water and mix until smooth and even. If the mixture is too dry then add a little more flower water.

The paste should be smooth and free of lumps, not too liquid nor too thick, making application nice and easy!

That’s it, your mask is now ready!

  • Application

Spread the paste on your perfectly cleansed face.

Spray some flower water on your face occasionally so that the mask stays moist. It’s important not to let the clay dry on your face, firstly so that it doesn’t irritate the skin and secondly because the clay is only active when it’s wet.

Leave it for 10 minutes then rinse your face clean with water.

Done! Now sit back and admire the fantastic result!. Silky smooth ultra soft hydrated skin!!!

As with lots of the masks i make, i would advise everyone to do this mask once a week for best results.

If you try this face mask please don’t hesitate to leave me your impressions in the comments!

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