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Today I have the pleasure to present to you guys a brand which I have a real crush on…. Les Tendances d’Emma !! It is a French eco friendly brand with wonderful ethics and values ​​that offer products intended to replace disposable hygienic accessories (cotton pad, wipes, etc.) with washable and reusable versions! So one of their main aims is to be as respectful of the environment as possible and that’s always something that makes me want to support as much as I can. All their products are designed using organic cotton, eucalyptus fibre or bamboo and all three of these materials are far more ecological than conventional cotton. I have been using their reusable wipes for more than a year now (I am a huge fan) so when Les Tendances d’Emma offered me the opportunity to test other products from their range I didn’t hesitate for a second! A few months back I received their Layering Kit, hair towel, and  bath towel…….so let’s see if I loved them just as much!

The Layering kit – it’s the perfect kit for your daily skincare routine! It contains all the necessary accessories to facilitate your layering ritual. If you don’t know the layering ritual it is the Japanese skincare technique that consists of applying several products to the face in a well defined order (there is a complete post about my layering routine with the steps to follow here). I have been following this ritual for several years now and if you are not yet aware of this technique then I highly recommend it! Your skin will definitely thank you. So what’s in the kit…….

A soft eucalyptus headband This is a really handy accessory that keeps hair away from your face when cleansing or applying make-up. One of my favourite features of this headband is that it can be adjusted thanks to its velcro attachment making it fit all head sizes easily!

4 gloves in eucalyptus They are incredibly soft, much softer than the cloth I used to use and cleanse gently without irritating the skin.

A small and super absorbent towel in bamboo I use this to remove my face masks, I pass it under hot water, squeeze any excess water out and remove my mask gently. You can also use it to remove makeup though too!

Eucalyptus wash cloths – I alternate using these in conjunction with the gloves as that enables me to have either a cloth or a glove for each day of the week. I then wash them all together in the washing machine on Sunday ready for the week ahead. I also use them to apply toner to my face. These cloths are perfect to replace disposable cotton pads and they are both far more economical (6 times cheaper) and ecological (the disposable conventional cotton culture remains the most polluting in the world).

The hair towel in bambou – This towel is super practical thanks to its small attachment which allows you to secure the end of the towel on the top of the head. You can move freely and it barely budges an inch! Its great to find a towel that stays in place without needing to reposition it every 30 seconds! As an added bonus it’s also really nice and light and is made from bamboo so more absorbent than cotton which reduces hair drying time.

The bathroom towel – This towel is also super soft and absorbent, like all bamboo items. I love to wrap myself in this towel after a shower as it’s amazingly soft and so nice on the skin! It is also just as convenient as the hair towel as there is the same style of attachment to help hold it in place!

In conclusion, Les Tendances d’Emma is a brand that I appreciate a lot, both in terms of the quality of the products and the ethics of the brand! If you’re looking for an alternative to conventional cotton and a zero waste solution, go for it!

All products are available on Les Tendances D’Emma website.

Have you tested these products? What do you think ?


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