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Aroma-Zone Review

I was tagged last week by the lovely blogger and YouTube vlogger Naturellement_Lyla to do a post about my favourite natural beauty products of 2015. I think it’s going to be a great way to highlight and award the products that impressed me the most this year! So let’s give it a go!

1 – What day cream do you use daily?

The current moisturiser I use and love is the the Geranium & Cartame Rebalancing Day Cream from Pai Skincare which I have reviewed previously on my blog (and linked to here)! I like the smell, the texture, the packaging…….in essence I absolutely love everything about this cream!

2 – Most efficient makeup remover

I have tried so many makeup removers this year and I think there are plenty of very efficient ones on the market but I really liked the “Juliet” cleanser ” from the Antipodes range. I have previously reviewed this cleanser on my instagram (which you can find a link to here) and “le liniment oleo-calcaire” (which you can go to by clicking here). They both remove makeup easily and leave skin feeling really soft.

Aroma-Zone Review

3 – Name me your 5 favorites products for a pampering day (powder, essential oil, vegetal oil, face and hair)

Neutral Henna, I use it once a month as a hair mask and mix it with oils or other powders such as orange powder for example. It strengthens and increases shine and volume of hair.

Coconut oil i always think of as the queen of all the oils, if you have to choose only one oil this is it. I use it in many different ways; on my hair, body, lips, or as a shaving cream……just to name a few.

The Air Purifying Spray from Fleurance Nature, it’s a mix of 31 essentials oils that turns your home into a spa! This spray just seems to relax me so much (check out my review here).

Flowers and herbs such as chamomile, lavender or rose petals help me to relax and hydrate my skin. I mix all of them and do a steam facial (review here) or add them to a hot bath! It smells so good!

Shea Butter, I mix it with oils, essential oils, hydrolats or aloe vera depending on my mood and apply it to my face for 10 min and then remove!

4 – Your favourite shampoo and moisturiser

There are actually 2 shampoos I loved this year, firstly ‘à l’hamamélis’ from Fleurance Nature. Secondly i loved the amazing home-made recipe from Naturellement_Lyla blog. Both of these were absolutely fantastic! The shampoo ‘à l’hamamélis’ cleans and removes oil hair masks really well. The shampoo from Naturellement_Lyla (which contains great ingredients such as shikakai, broccoli oil and peppermint essential oil) leaves my hair supple, soft and encourages hair growth (The recipe is right here on her YouTube channel if you want to give it a go!).

5 – Which products do you use to get your soft skin? (Scrub and body cream)

I mix grape seed oil with a bit of Bicarbonate of Soda (check out my video here on my youtube channel) scrub my face with it and then then rinse it off before then applying ‘Balance Me Revitalising Hand & Body Lotion’. Soft skin guaranteed!!

6 – When you don’t want to smell of sweat ^^ which deodorant do you use?

Bicarbonate of Soda is very effective and cheap or Soapwalla which is great but incredibly expensive!

7 – Which makeup product makes you feel the best?

Mascara definitely! Its like witchcraft!!! Somehow it manages to enliven my face instantaneously!

Aroma-Zone Review

8 – Favourite product to clean the house naturally

I use black soap, it removes all the grease in the kitchen really well.

9 – Which tea or infusion do you drink daily? every blogger drinks tea #cliche

Any peppermint tea but specifically the one from English Tea Shop, it’s so refreshing!

10 – What is the book of the year that you would recommend to a friend?

Neal’s Yard Beauty Book, it’s a great guide for anyone who fancies making their own products!

Aroma-Zone Review

11 – What is the conventional product you will never give-up?

All my makeup ^^! I use both natural and conventional makeup products but for the moment I sadly still use far more conventional ones. I love my Nars blush, Chanel mascara and my YSL foundation! There is no way I would swap them yet but hopefully a natural product will come along soon that will either rival, or better, them! I’m so amazed by the talent and techniques of the makeup artists on youtube like Pixiwoo and Lisa Eldridge that I always want to reproduce their tutorials and try the products they recommend!

There are plenty of others beauty products I loved this year but these are the ones I would get if I could only pick a few! Everyone is more than welcome to do this fun tag too! Also, don’t forget to check out Naturellement_Lyla’s blog and YouTube channel as she is amazing at makeup, homemade beauty recipes and fashion……..basically everything.

Aroma-Zone Review

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