How to grow your hair fast!

Last time I went to the hairdresser to cut just the very ends of my hair I came out with a little tear in my eye. The hairdresser didn’t listen to my requests and seemed to attack my hair with his scissors and chopped off nearer 20cm than the 2cm I had asked for (If I am honest i could be exaggerating a touch but as all women know this is not a subject to joke around with)!!! So in reality he didn’t hack 20cm off but let’s just say he definitely had his wicked way with it and I left feeling slightly folically abused. As I made my way home I made the decision to try taking some vitamins I had been reading about that were meant to aid hair growth. I was hoping to try and quickly get back some of my length and give my hair a boost. I chose the ones from Country Life called Maxi Hair Plus as most of the reviews I had seen were very complimentary. I have to admit to being a bit skeptical at first but as I had nothing to lose, and given that the good composition and the affordability were both good incentives, I thought it was worth giving them a punt. It was a month long treatment and now that I have finished the bottle I thought it would be interesting to give a brief account of my experience and whether the vitamins seemed to work.

Maxi Hair Plus is a nutritional supplement that promises to bring life back to hair, skin and nails. Personally though I took these capsules for the sole purpose of growing my hair.

Composition: The capsules are made of vitamins, biotin, zinc, MSM and other ingredients that help promote hair growth. They are also gluten-free and suitable for vegetarians.
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Use: A box contains 120 capsules, 4 to be taken per day at mealtimes, with a glass of water. I took 2 capsules at lunch and 2 at dinner for a month.

Price: £13.49 for 120 capsules.

Result: I used this food supplement for a 1 month, as recommended by the brand. Before I started the ‘treatment’ I measured my hair at 68 cm and one month later by the end of the treatment it had grown to 71 cm. My hair grew 3cm in 1 month!! Not bad at all!! My usual monthly growth is closer to 1cm so this was quite a pleasing result. Of course I didn’t have another version of me that wasn’t taking the pills to compare with so there could have been many other factors that were also attributing to this increase but either way it was a great outcome! Often during autumn I notice that I have an increase in hair loss however this year I noticed a decrease which I am also tempted to attribute to the vitamin intake. I honestly did not expect to see such positive results and I am hugely satisfied with these vitamins. Some reviews I had seen people noted some side effects but I didn’t experience anything of the sort apart from slightly fluorescent yellow pee ^^ but no reason to worry as this is apparently quite normal. Otherwise, the only downside is the size of the capsules, far too big for my liking and difficult to swallow at times. Regarding my nails and skin, I didn’t notice any real change or improvement. So I can’t tell you whether the treatment had any impact on them at all.

Have you ever tried taking any vitamins to help grow your hair ?

Maxi Hair Plus capsules are available on the iherb.

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