La Canopée Natural & Vegan Beauty Review

It’s been a few weeks since La Canopée secured a place as part of my daily routine. It’s a new natural brand which launched around 5 months ago by Juliette and Cecile. The brand includes several ranges and offers skincare and bodycare products, all of which are 100% natural. Their products are vegan, cruelty free and made in the south of France, more precisely in Grasse. I received six products from them which actually makes up a relatively full skincare routine. I have almost finished them all so it’s time to make an assessment and share my opinion on these products.

Deep cleansing oilI’m so in love with this oil. It smells so, so good it actually managed to persuade me to change from my usual makeup remover, jojoba oil. It is made of macadamia and rapeseed oils and contains real seeds of roucou.

Its texture is quite thick which makes it really pleasant to massage onto the skin and removes easily with a flannel soaked in hot water. This oil does it’s job very well, cleans my skin perfectly and makes it supple and soft.

Cleansing Black Gel This is my favorite product in the whole range!

This cleansing gel is specially formulated for combination to oily skin which purifies the skin and removes impurities thanks to its formulation of charcoal, lemon, lavender and tea tree essential oils. Its gel texture is nice and fresh on the skin and cleans effectively.

After rinsing, my skin doesn’t feel tight or uncomfortable at all……just soft and clean.

I must say that I was a little sceptical at first, because very few gel texture cleaners are suitable for my skin type, but this product is now a real favorite.

Mist with anti-pollution agents – Enriched with orange blossom flower water and camellia flower extract this mist is supposed to soothe and moisturize the skin and create a protective barrier against external aggression and pollution. This is all to specifically done to help protect the skin from oxidation and drying out.

I’ve been using it morning and evening after cleaning my face but I haven’t really seen the effects of this mist yet, however the smell of orange blossom is nice and I like the feeling of freshness it provides.

Multivitamin Wake up Cream – This is a moisturizing day cream rich in carrier oils (coconut, sesame, buriti) and infusion of rooibos which helps fight oxidative stress and dullness.

t’s a real pleasure to apply as the texture is soft and unctuous and the smell is fresh and fruity but unfortunately it’s just not moisturizing enough as I feel my skin tighten very quickly after application.

I do have combination skin that dehydrates quite quickly and so I need a cream that regulates the oil production but moisturizes well. So, to help it become more moisturising, I add a few drops of jojoba oil and my skin feels much more comfortable and less tight and has the added bonus of smelling wonderfully citrusy!

Night Cream With Active Oxygenating Agents – This cream combines wakame extract (seaweed), green clay, infusion of green mate, macadamia oil and bergamot essential oil. This combination attempts to renew, regenerate and repaired skin for a lovely fresh complexion.

However, like the day cream, it is just not moisturizing enough for my skin and in recent weeks I have struggled with spots around my chin so I mixed it with a few drops of black seed oil for its purifying properties.

Well this little combo proved to be very effective and after a few days my spots have almost all disappeared……..I was blown away! I do think it’s also thanks to the purifying and absorbing properties of the gel cleanser though. In short, my skin seems to rather appreciate this trio.

Bonne Nuit Shower Gel – Let’s finish with the outsider of the selection, a body product!

This shower gel with the sweet scent of lavender, geranium and palmarosa is a real treat.

Its smell is very soothing and relaxing, perfect for relaxing after a day of work and it cleans gently, foams well and rinses easily.

In summary, I’m really pleased with all these products, it is a beautiful discovery and if you want to know more about the brand or products, check their website.

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