My favorite natural face oils

Face oils are some of my absolute favourite beauty products. Since the introduction of these little gems as an integral part of my routine I have seen a vast improvement in the condition of my skin, I definitely couldn’t do without them anymore! I have tested quite a few recently but 3 oils stood out from the rest and have done untold amounts of good to my skin. If you are not familiar with the use of oils then a little tip is that oils should always be applied to damp skin as the oil will be better absorbed and will keep the skin hydrated for longer.

Elixir ‘I Am The Light’ Max and Me – During an event organized by the e-shop Mon Corner B I was fortunate to discover the Austrian brand Max and Me. I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the creators of the brand, Max and Tanja, a couple who talked with absolute love about their passion. They were so open and knowledgeable and talked in depth sharing amazing insights enabling me to learn all about their range of natural and organic care for the face and the body. I was lucky enough to leave the event with some of their products to test including the ‘I Am The Light’ oil which I adore. It is an oil made for treating dull skin. The texture is really soft and light and penetrates into the skin very quickly without leaving any residue. It has a beautiful jasmine scent and I can barely stop sniffing my hands after applying it! Once applied, it leaves the skin bright and plump and I feel that my skin is nourished and perfectly hydrated. The only downside: the price (110 €) is very expensive but since you only need few drops each time it lasts for ages!

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Organic Skin La Belle Lune – La Belle Lune is a small English brand that sells only one product, their Organic Skin oil. I use this oil when imperfections, spots and redness appear on my face as my skin often gives me a hard time in periods of stress or extreme fatigue. Thanks to the use of this oil though I can now revive it during these downturns. I apply it in the evening before bed and awake to find my skin soothed and any redness has receded. However, possibly most importantly, it deflates my spots and makes them heal much more quickly. It’s lavender scent is divine and perfect for relaxing before going to sleep, it’s a real treat! I highly recommend this oil it if you have the same skin issues as me. This oil can also be used in the morning as the the texture penetrates the skin quickly not hampering your ability to put makeup on afterwards.

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Kapha Treatment Oil Samaya – I discovered this British brand in July at Love Natural Love You, an event devoted to natural care, well-being and healthy food. If you live near, or even just visit, London I highly recommend going as you can make some great discoveries. This pretty brand has a lovely pure elegant design which immediately caught my eye so I couldn’t resist one of their products, the Kapha Treatment Oil. This oil is made of a concentrated mix of ayurvedic plants and anti-aging ingredients and is a real jewel! Unlike ‘I Am The Light’ oil the texture of this one is thicker and takes a little longer to penetrate the skin so I only use it in the evening. Due to this I make sure to really take my time massaging my face well. The next day when I wake up I find that my fine lines caused by dehydration are less noticeable and I look less tired. I’ve been using it every night for a month now and my skin feels much smoother and more supple too. This oil is slightly scented with an earthy and herbaceous scent which I would guess comes from the Vetiver essential oil.

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So how about you guys, do you have any favourite face oils? Perhaps you will you be trying out some of my oil recommendations in the near future? I would love to hear what you thought and if you had the same results as me?


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