My natural sunscreen for summer

I just recently returned from a well needed break in the French countryside, it was so lovely eating outside and going for walks in the fresh country air! I really need to get away from the city soon and start to enjoy those simple pleasures every day. So seeing as I had this period away I took it upon myself to review some natural sun tan lotions. As promised in my article about my summer natural beauty essentials, here are my reviews of the sunscreen I used.

I always buy sunscreen with a high protection factor, at least SPF 3O. I never mess around when it comes to the sun, we all know the risk (skin aging, cancer) so it’s always best to protect skin well. I now only use creams made from mineral filters (Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide) as these are considerably less harmful to health and the environment than the chemical filters found in conventional sunscreen.

This year, I chose to try SPF 50 Sunscreen by Acorelle, which was recommended to me by the french blogger Naturellement Lyla. I love the packaging of this product which comes in the form of a convenient and hygienic spray tube. Its natural and organic composition which protects and nourishes the skin is made with Titanium dioxide (mineral filter), Argan oil (nourishing), Propolis extract (antioxidant). It’s also made without nanoparticles and perfume.

It’s texture is quite fluid and penetrates quickly with no stickiness however it did leave white patches on my skin so you really need to massage the product into the skin really well to avoid these……otherwise you might end up looking like a ghost ^^ Even then the cream still leaves a slight white residue on the skin but nothing too obvious. Also, I found it rather difficult to remove in the shower and you have to scrub well. However, it’s a very efficient cream, holding very well on the skin and is resistant to water. Its protection against UV seemed to be effective as I spent a whole day in the sun and I found that I had tanned slightly without even a trace of sunburn.

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After a few days of SPF 50, I switched to the SPF 30 sunscreen from Simple As That, a brand I didn’t know previously and discovered on the Purnatural shop. It’s an Australian brand that offers a whole range of natural care for the face and body as well as this sun cream.

The composition of this cream is 100% natural and looks close to perfect to me. I could only find one niggle but I checked the list of ingredients on la verite sur les cosmetiques (a brilliant french website which rates cosmetic ingredients) for Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate but it was rated quite low. Why? Good question ^^ I have no idea. I can’t find any proper information about it so if any of you know more then please leave me a comment. Otherwise, the rest of the composition is great! It contains Zinc Oxide (mineral UV filter), Glycerin (moisturizer) and Raspberry & Rosehip oil (anti-wrinkle, antioxidant) as well as extract of Cucumber (moisturizer).

Unlike the Acorelle sunscreen, the texture is thicker but spreads out easily and to my surprise leaves no white streaks or marks which is pretty great! It also penetrates easily and leaves no greasy film. It appears to protect the skin well as once again I got no sunburn. Out of the two this cream was definitely my favourite as I find it really pleasant to use and it smells great too. ^^

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In summary, these 2 creams seem both very effective and I definitely recommend them to you if you want to try out some new natural sunscreens.
Both creams are available online on Purnatural……..and remember, all my readers have access to my coupon code OHMYSKIN15 that entitles you to 15% off the entire site with no minimum purchase (you can also combine the code with other offers too) :-). Acorelle is also available on Planet Organic website.


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