Natural Deodorants That Really Work

Natural Deodorants That Really Work

For so many years now I have heard people speak about the horrors of having ingredients like aluminium in deodorants and antiperspirants. I have to admit I have absolutely no idea why ingredients like these are necessary but I am sure there is some reason. It seems particularly worrying as your arm pits house some pretty important lymph glands that help regulate the immune system. Even logic dictates that smearing these areas in chemicals or metals just isn’t the most sound choice we could make as a species. As I thought more and more about this I started to question one item that most of us use every day but don’t seem to give the biggest amount of thought to its composition, the humble deodorant/antiperspirant. Even the idea of something that attempts to stop your body from doing something that is so natural, like sweating, seems to be wrong from the very offset. If I suggested blocking up the exhaust pipe of your car you would probably look at me like I was mad but this is the equivalent of what we seem to do every day to our under arms (even though it is quite a stretched metaphor at best!). This progression for me has been a gentle slope over the past few years from grabbing whichever brand or scented anti-perspirant that I liked when I was younger, to moving to a deodorant to try and let my skin breathe, to an aluminium free version and finally I am now trying to make the final leap to finish the journey and find a natural deodorant that will become my daily armpit buddy

So I have previously tried other natural deodorants that were in a little pot and you had to rub under your armpit which I really liked but for this post I wanted to focus on some that  resemble to usual original stick style deodorant that we would expect to see on the shelf. I think for people moving into the natural world these will be an easier step as they resemble the products people buy already so it will barely feel like a change to people’s usual routine. I was lucky enough to be discussing this issue with some people I know in the beauty world which started a series of events that ended with me being sent both these deodorants to test, the latter from the brand Lone directly whilst the prior came from a french E-Shop called Mon Corner B.

First to go under the OhMySkin microscope was a deodorant from a brand called Schmidts which is based in Portland, Oregon in the US. The scent option was Bergamot and Lime and it claimed to neutralise both odour and absorb wetness which realistically is what I would want any deodorant to do. However the claims that it is not only vegan but also cruelty free always makes me warm towards the values of a brand instantly. This was taken even further by being free of aluminium, propylene glycol, parabens and phthalates. I really liked the scent of this deodorant which was very fresh and felt so summery and like a bowl of fruit. However the texture reminded me of the older generation of deodorants as it left a definite film of the product under your arm and took a while to feel like it had absorbed into the skin. I didn’t notice any real residue on my clothes but I was careful to let the product dry before dressing and haven’t tried it in a hurry as of yet. I will say that in terms of any body odour or dampness this deodorant performed as well as any of the conventional ones I have ever tried so all in all I was extremely impressed. However I did notice that the product clumped into little balls when applied and that these needed to be massaged into the skin, much in the same way as the natural pot based deodorants I have tried before, so I am not sure my hope of a convenient stick based deodorant was actually realised.

The second deodorant in the firing line was Lone Citrus which, unsurprisingly after reading the name, also had a nice citrusy orange smell but not quite as delicious as the lime one and not as strong either. This deodorant claimed to be Aluminium, Paraben and Triclosan free which should be a good selling point. It is made in small batches once again in Waitsburg, Washington in the USA which usually signifies that the product is cared about and there is a lot of love put into its manufacture. I tried this deodorant a few times and had much the same result and feeling as the previous; it left a film of residue that took a little while to absorb, clumped into little balls (to avoid this make sure to instantly massage the product into the skin) and worked as proficiently in terms of odour removal. So basically I am giving both of these products a thumbs up and am going to start using them much more regularly.

As a final note I want to mention a few of things I learnt along the way. One useful point to know is that the schmidts contained bicarbonate of soda which is great for so many things but not always the best for people who have sensitive skin. So be careful and perhaps test it on other areas less sensitive than your armpits first if you think this could be a concern for you. Next was a little piece of information that I got from the guys at Lone which was that one of the benefits of natural deodorants is that they mildly detoxify your body which means that underarm odour may increase over the first few days. Supposedly this is completely normal and will rebalance over the next week or so and return to normal. I didn’t notice this problem at all but perhaps that is because I have used other natural deodorants previously. Lastly I learned that the USA seems to be the home of really good quality natural deodorants!

Have you tried any of these deodorants or what is your go-to natural deodorant?

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