Pulpe de Vie – Organic BEAUTY REVIEW

I recently started testing a French organic brand called Pulpe De Vie that I have never tried before. They were founded over 10 years ago and produce a range of natural skincare and bodycare products. Shame on me for never having tried this brand before as I have always heard so many good reports about them. Pulpe de Vue offer organic skincare and body products at really affordable prices. In addition, their products are cruelty free and made from “ugly” fresh fruits harvested from small local producers in an attempt to help fight food waste! For me, that’s a wonderful introduction to a new brand so I hope the positives continue!! I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to test 5 products so I could give my impressions………….oh, and don’t forget to read to the very end of the review as there is a great little treat!!

Moisturizing Serum-Mist “Danse de la Pluie” – This mist is perfect for the summer season! Made of a mixture of floral waters (fig, rose, witch hazel, melissa), hyaluronic acid and pentavine it promises to moisturise, tone and prevent the first signs of aging. I love its fruity smell and its refreshing effect. I spray it on my face in the morning to give a little boost to my skin and provide a first layer of moisture to my skin. It penetrates quickly yet leaves a sticky effect which fades once a cream or oil is applied. The pump is not very convenient as it doesn’t diffuse the product very well and so I end up spraying it everywhere. Aside from that, I really like it. It’s freshness and scent put me in a great mood in the morning!

Self-Tanning Face Cream “Comme à la plage” – This cream is a really nice surprise. It contains beta-carotene and erythrulose which are active ingredients that help the skin to tan. I apply it in the morning after cleaning my skin and found that after several days of use I had a nice golden glow! However you shouldn’t expect a full beach like tan as it’s subtle and natural. The texture is easy to apply and penetrates well without leaving a greasy or sticky film. As a huge bonus, compared to most self-tanners, it smells very nice!

Foaming Oil Cleanser for face “Emoustille moi” – This is a foaming oil that cleans the skin very gently. It contains raspberry water which is a powerful anti-oxidant and plum oil known for its softening properties. It simultaneously removes makeup and cleans the skin but I personally prefer to use it as a cleanser after removing my makeup with a carrier oil. As for its texture, I was a little surprised because I was expecting an oil but in fact it is more like a liquid gel which transforms on contact with water into a fine, soft foam! It’s an absolute joy to massage on your skin! As for the smell it’s fresh, fruity and very pleasant. This cleanser does it’s job brilliantly, cleansing the skin thoroughly without being harsh, leaving it fresh and soft! It’s such a gentle cleanser that it’s suitable for all skin types.

Fruity Facial Detox Gel “Miss Sunshine” – Sadly this is the disappointment of the entire selection. It is a detox gel that is supposed to moisturize, purify and give radiance to the skin. On paper it is perfect with a great composition. It is enriched with melon (moisturize, eliminate toxins), sea buckthorn pulp (protect, purify) and daisy oil (restore skin tone & elasticity). I find that it doesn’t provide enough moisture leaving my skin tight and uncomfortable with an unpleasant sticky feeling. On the other hand, just like all the previous products, its melon scent is delicious!

Mask and Scrub “Sucré Frappé” – I’ve definitely saved the best for last! This product is a 2 in 1 exfoliating scrub and face mask. Its formulated with honey (moisturize, purify), Cucumber (soothe, soften), Grapefruit (sanitize, mattify) and grains of apricot kernels (scrub the skin, remove impurities). What a wonderful combination! ^^ It’s texture is thick and honeylike and its grapefruit smell is divine! Once a week, I apply a thick layer of this mask to my face and let sit for 5 minutes. Then I massage my skin with circular motions focussing particularly on the T zone. Once you start to rinse the mask off it transforms into a succulent milk on contact with water. I love this kind of texture as it is very easy to rinse off! After use, my skin is plumper, softer and my complexion brighter. This product is so impressive it has become my new crush!!!

So, the little surprise I promised?? I am of course giving away these 5 products to one lucky winner!!!! To participate just visit my Instagram account @ohmyskin here. Good luck to you all!


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  1. 20th July 2018 / 8:48 pm

    J’adore cette marque! J’utilise le gommage corporel “Gratouille-moi”, que j’aime énormément. C’est un véritable coup de cœur. Aussi bien sensoriellement, que niveau texture. ♥
    Je compte bien tester d’autres produits de cette très belle marque, qui mérite d’être connue. :)
    Tu me donnes envie d’essayer la brume et l’huile moussante! Je vais tenter pour le concours, merci beaucoup. ;)
    Bonne soirée, à bientôt.

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