Top 5 Organic & Natural Face Masks

If there is one thing I can say with 100% honesty I absolutely adore about what I do it is the times when I get to test face masks! I just love them more than I can express in words! I try to test at least make one per week and sometimes even more depending on the needs of my skin at that particular moment. I love the feeling of really taking care of my skin and it makes me feel better both inside and out. So on that note I decided that today I would focus my post on my 5 favourite 100% natural face masks that I have tested thoroughly and fully approve!

The Moisturizing  Mask

Nafha Moisturising and Soothing Face Mask – It is the ideal solution if your skin needs a dose of hydration or to be soothed because of the cold. In winter I make moisturizing masks 1-2 times a week and as my skin is quite tight and sensitive it needs comforting so this mask suits my skin type perfectly! It moisturizes and nourishes thanks to its formula enriched with aloe vera, honey (moisturizing), extract of fig leaves of barbarism (soothing and firming), macadamia oil (nourishing and soothing), argan oil (regenerating and nourishing ), and micro green algae (anti-redness). Its texture is super soft and smooth on the skin so it feels delightful. I let it sit for 10 minutes in a thick layer and once I have rinsed the mask my skin feels revitalised; beautifully soothed, plumped and hydrated. This is another of my truly essential bathroom products.

The Purifying Mask

Synergie[4] Immediate Skin Perfecting – I would personally call this mask the ally of skin with imperfections. This mask is a fine powder which you mix with water to form a paste and then apply to your face. It consists of a series of natural ingredients: bamboo charcoal and clays (Kaolin and Bentonite) to absorb toxins and purify pores, fruit acids to gently exfoliate skin and restore complexion and vitamin C and papaya enzymes to reduce the appearance of spots. I would describe it as a wonderful cocktail that will eliminate impurities and regulate excess oil. This is the mask I use when I have pimples or my skin is bad. It feels really well cleansed and purified after each use and I find any imperfections heal far faster! In addition, you can personalize the treatment to enhance its effectiveness adding different ingredients such as essential oils, honey (healing) or aloe vera (moisturizing). There is a small booklet in the box with lots of recipes which are really helpful too.

The Glow Mask

Evolve Miracle Organic Face Mask– This is the mask that I reach for when my skin is dull and needs an immediate boost. It contains AHAs (fruit acids) that gently exfoliate and eliminate dead skin. It is also composed of papaya extracts to restore brightness to the skin and Peruvian maca to help reduce the effects of ageing. I would advise letting leaving it on your skin for at least 5 minutes but I find that the effects are even more visible if you have time to leave it for 10 minutes. This product has a real smoothing effect and I feel that my skin is softer and brighter after each application.

The Deep Cleansing Mask

Pulpe De Vie Sucre Frappe Face Mask – I may sound like I am starting to repeat myself but I absolutely love this mask, and I have already spoken about it in my review article about Pulp de Vie products here, which must mean that I undoubtedly give it the OhMySkin seal of approval. It’s a 2 in 1 honey mask that I use when I feel my skin needs a deep scrub. It cleans the skin well and is great to unclog pores. When I am in the shower, I leave the mask on for 5 mins whilst washing my hair. I then massage all over my face to remove the mask and once all trace has completely disappeared my skin seems so sharp and fresh!

The Repair Mask

Nourish Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Mask – I often use this mask after applying the Odacité purifying mask and also at times when my skin feels irritated. It helps to soothe and re-hydrate my skin. I apply a thick layer in the evening and leave it on all night in order to reap the maximum benefits of its properties. It contains minerals from the fermentation of 5 probiotics ie: “good bacteria” that help strengthen the skin barrier. When I wake up I have great skin, my features are less tired and my skin is plumped up! As an added little bonus it’s wonderful lavender fragrance is delightfully soothing before going to sleep.



  1. 3rd March 2019 / 2:47 pm

    I love the Evolve mask, I find it very comparable to the Tata Harper AHA mask, which is significantly more expensive.

    xx Laura / Laura Loukola Beauty Blog

    • OhMySkin
      7th March 2019 / 6:16 pm

      I tried the Resurfacing mask from Tata Harper but I didn’t find it as effective :).

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