How to relieve stress with Spiezia Organics Essential Oils

Spiezia Organics Essential Oils Review

We all experience stressful moments in life and these moments can have a monstrous impact on our bodies. This is not just restricted to the mental toll but can also have colossal physical repercussions. For many people stress can manifest itself by making you feel exhausted and sluggish no matter what you try and do to combat its insidious and relentless onslaught. Stress can affect us profoundly and there are many studies showing links to ill health exhibiting in both mental and physical ailments. I believe it to be vitally important in life to actively find ways to try and reduce stress and not just attempting to blot it out of your mind by trying to ignore it (or drinking yourself into a stupor of blissful ignorance every friday night like a large percentage of the UK population). It has long been known that physical exercise can hugely offset the ramifications of stress but besides this what else can we do?

Well, one option I like to undertake is the use of essential oils in this regard as they really help with my inner peace and have amazing calming effects. I really like diffusing essential oils into the air in my house as they make me reminisce over lovely moments I have spent in Spas and put my head back into a similarly relaxed space. Recently I have been using Mindful Moment by Spieza Organics which is a kit that includes three 10ml little bottles. Each of which contains a mixture of different botanical oils and essential oils that are all 100% organic certified by the Soil Association. They are designed to focus on specific results ranging from stress reduction and relaxation all the way through to the exact opposite, giving you a lift when you feel stuck in a trough. The kit also includes a little surprise in the form of an organic tea bag from the brand Pukka (I love attention to detail like this). I have no idea if all of the sets contain the same flavour but mine was chamomille, vanilla & manuka honey and it was delicious. Perfect to sip on as you unwind with the scent of the essential oils enrapturing you!

Spiezia Organics Essential Oils Review

UPLIFT AND ENERGISE is a perfect mixture for difficult mornings when you really need a boost to start the day. A mixture of Rosemary, Sage and Thyme essential oils help uplift your mood and put a little pep back into your step.

FOCUS AND CLARITY is the most fragrant of the 3 with a powerful blend of Vetiver, Bergamot and Frankincense. When you open the bottle and put it to your nose there is an instant kick, great to wake you up! It’s the perfect one if you feel you are all over the place, thinking too much and need to recentre your thoughts…..or just to help you concentrate!

CONNECT AND NURTURE is a blend of Lavender, Geranium and Roman Chamomile scents. I already use all of these essential oils quite often on their own (especially lavender) so I knew I would love this one! There’s definitely no surprise then that this is my favorite of the three. I can’t stop sniffing it as it smells so nice and relaxes me so much. It’s the perfect choice to help unwind after a busy day, wrapped in your cosiest pyjamas and sipping on a cup of Valerian tea to prepare for a great night’s sleep.

Spiezia Organics Essential Oils Review

So for anyone that is not sure how to go about using these beautiful blends it’s probably easier than you ever imagined. All you need to do is just need to rub a few drops on your hands, breathe deeply and enjoy! Alternatively you can also apply them to a tissue if you prefer especially as some people with particularly sensitive skin find essential oils a little too strong. As far as I can see there really is only one downside to these products, I wish the packaging came with a dropper or a pipette as the gap is far too large. There was a few times that I applied far more product than necessary and wasted some……which is something that always really annoys me! Apart from that everything else was great and I really enjoyed using these oils.

Do you use essential oils and what for? The scent? The effect? Medicinally? Or perhaps even in your own DIY beauty recipes? I am always interested to hear how other people use them and which are your favourites so leave a comment below and let’s exchange some tips!


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