Indemne Moussaillon Soap – Review


Every week there seems to be a new range of natural soap flooding onto the beauty market. However, recently I came across an entirely new type of soap that I have never encountered before. Moussaillon soap is, to me at least, an original and unique product and not like any other soap I have come across before. Perhaps, as seems to happen a lot, this is actually an old idea that has been revamped so if you have come across this type of soap before then please drop me a line to let me know. The main difference here is in the consistency, texture and application of this soap. It was this aspect in particular that stirred my curiosity and made me want to try it.


The best description I can give is that 100% natural Moussaillon soap made with Shea Butter and Olive Oil resembles a fine powdery sand which after a lifetime of using shower gels and bars of soap seems really quite strange! The packaging is also quite cute and original but verges on the kiddy side a bit too much for my particular tastes. It definitely looks French and seems to have been inspired by the area of Provence with its bright Yellow and Blue colour scheme. It also reminds me of the french mariniere top so it definitely has some serious francophile appeal. The bottle itself is derived from the process of application and highly resembles a large salt cellar with a twist top that has 6 holes to shake the powder out from. This is an interesting little touch but actually makes it very hard to use this soap in the shower where it is intended for. With the moisture the holes became very easily clogged and then I had to unscrew the entire top and the powder poured out uncontrollably. Added to this is the fact that you have to shake the powder across your entire body which made for quite a laborious undertaking. One thing I always want from my products is to enjoy the process of using them as without that they just won’t end up getting used no matter how efficient they are. What made the situation worse was that when I wet the powder and started rubbing it into my skin some of it foamed up nicely and some of it turned into a wet sludge on my skin. I think between the powder application, the lid needing to be removed, only getting half the product onto my skin and then only half foaming up i lost more soap than i ended up using.


Ultimately the entire process from start to finish was really not good and the actual product itself was nowhere good enough to make that tolerable. I don’t think there is anything that could redeem this experience for me and I definitely will not be buying this soap again. I would probably recommend people to use it for their hands rather than body as it seems to function better without the moisture created by a shower. The 100g bottle cost quite a lot at €15.95 but i invested as I was highly intrigued to begin with but ultimately it turned out to be a wet rag……which ironically would have cleaned me far better, and more cheaply than this soap did!


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