Nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask – Review

Nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask Review

I love face masks and use them at least once a week but who would have thought that you might need a mask treatment for your lips too? I certainly did not! So I was very intrigued by the idea of trying the one from a company called Nügg when I first stumbled across it. I will happily admit right now that I know I’m quite late in the game on this as since finding this one I have realised that there are many lip masks on the market. Believe it or not though this is the first time I have ever tried one. Usually my lip care routine, if we can even call it that, is simply just scrubbing my lips to get rid of the dry, dead skin and applying a balm to hydrate them…..that literally was it! I commend whoever it was to first come up with this great idea of doing a mask for your lips and giving them as much care as you do the rest of your face. I am still chastising myself for not having thought of it sooner. So back to the point, I was hugely eager to try this Intense Lip Boosting Mask from Nügg as I am always excited to test something new!

Nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask Review

The Nügg Lip Mask is 100% natural and vegan and supposed to hydrate, soften and give a plumping effect to the lips. It’s formulated with very nourishing ingredients like Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and Cocoa Butter, it also contain Liquorice Root for the plumping. It comes in brilliantly kitsch packaging which I must admit I took quite a shine to, a small gold bling bling ball of all things! It’s definitely makes a change from my usual lip balms which all now come  in a small innocuous round black pot! I really like the fragrance, it smells like menthol and so is light and refreshing. It reminds me of the mint syrup drinks I consumed as a kid!

My lips always feel so dry after a full day at work especially because of the air conditioning so they are always a bit chapped! What better time to give this product a go then and see if it actually works! So how is it used? Just apply a generous amount to your lips using your finger, leave it on for 20 minutes and then wipe any residue from your lips with a tissue. I applied it at the same time as having a face mask so I could relax and double treat myself. The product does feel a bit tacky on the lips though and I didn’t see any plumping effect but that could possibly be because I have only tried it twice so far. My lips did feel much softer and very hydrated however I get a very similar effect with my usual lip routine anyway (I have done a full blog post here if you want to see which products I use on a daily basis).

Nügg Intense Lip Boosting Mask Review

This product will definitely create the perfect, smooth, canvas for any lipstick which is one great use for it! I might leave it overnight as a test and remove it when I wake up to see if there is any difference. Have you tried this lip mask? What did you think of it? As this is an entirely new area to me I would love to know if you have any to recommend? Please leave a comment below and tell me some of your go to lip masks!

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