Organic Neal’s Yard Deodorant Review

Neal's Yard Deodorant Review

I have been on the hunt for the perfect natural deodorant for some time now. I keep trying loads of different ones but there always seems to be something missing or an issue that I can’t abide. A few weeks ago I happened to be wandering around borough market and spotted a Neal’s Yard shop and I couldn’t resist diving in quickly. I soon noticed that they had released some deodorants so I thought I had to give one of them a try. There were 2 options: Peppermint & Lime or Rose & Geranium. My favourite scents are nearly always citrusy so I opted for the Peppermint & Lime.

Throughout my long Deodorant testing period I have found myself growing quite annoyed with most of the deodorants that come in a pot. The hassle of rubbing the product into your armpits with your fingers starts to become messy and tiresome. I therefore find sticks and roll-ons much more convenient but for reasons beyond my understanding it seems to be far harder to find natural ones that work as well as the pots. I have previously tried the Bergamot + Lime stick deodorant from Schmidt’s, which I really liked even though it still needed to be massaged into the skin, as well as one from Agent Nateur which completely irritated my poor armpits. This one from Neal’s Yard is a roll-on deodorant which I really like as they are so convenient and means that you can even take it with you in your bag to use throughout the day.

Neal's Yard Deodorant Review

The smell is really nice and fresh thanks to the inclusion of Peppermint, Grapefruit and Lime oil. There are no parabens, no synthetic fragrances and no aluminium……just the good stuff. As I often do with a new product I am testing I decided to check through all the ingredients on the website La Verite Sur Les Cosmetiques and every single one got a score of good or very good so I was suitably impressed. The product is certified organic by the Soil Association which is another tick in the box and it’s even bicarbonate free so great for those with sensitive skin. Equally importantly though I found the deodorant to be effective through the entire day at neutralising odours. I didn’t feel at all damp under my arms like I have before with certain other deodorants as it really seemed to inhibit any wetness which is definitely a huge plus for me. On the other hand it also didn’t leave any sort of sticky residue or film which is another downside to some deodorants that I have battled with in the past. The next test, and one of my pet hates, is always whether you get white patches and once again it came up trumps and didn’t stain my clothes at all. Another issue on my hit list, due to having experienced it in quite a lot of my tests with natural deodorants, is whether I find it irritates my skin. Happily I can say there wasn’t a hint of itching, redness or soreness.

Luckily I don’t sweat much so I found this deodorant to be great for me but I have a sneaky feeling that it may not be quite as efficient during a gym workout after which I reckon you would probably need to reapply. I am pleased to say that this has turned out to be by far the best natural deodorant I have tried yet. It met all my requirements in terms of consistency, ingredients, efficiency, scent, odour, packaging and all the other points I have mentioned above. I am going to continue to put it through its paces and really see how it performs when I am participating in lots of sports to see if it still performs as well. It costs £8 for 50ml and can be found on the Neal’s Yard website. I am very pleased that the best natural deodorant I have found so far comes from a British company as I love to support local businesses as much as possible and it is so much easier when their products are the best you have found so far in the market place. Have you ever tried this Deodorant and what did you think? Possibly more importantly though can you recommend one to me that you think betters this one in any regard as that’s the million dollar question I am hoping to find an answer to!  


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