The Salt Parlour – Jasmine & Matcha Green Tea Scrub Review

The Salt Parlour Jasmine & Matcha Green Tea

The Salt Parlour has created a complete scrub range for different skin requirements which are made in the UK. They say that one of their major aims is to make both their products and packaging without doing a drop of harm to the planet. They created these sea inspired scrubs to assist them with their own skin issues, which included psoriasis and acne, and then moved into making more for friends and family and have now graduated into selling them commercially on a small scale. All of this information really makes me want to love this company as I always want to try and support local, small scale, independent producers as much as possible. After learning all of this I was very excited to try their scrub Jasmine & Matcha Green Tea and hoped it would live up to my expectations.

The Salt Parlour Jasmine & Matcha Green Tea

As soon as I opened the tin it was love at first sniff! The scent just hits you and smells so gorgeous with a warm, flowery aroma. It’s slightly sweet but nothing too strong so it hits the spot. It’s a perfect scent for autumn that makes you want to slide under a snuggly blanket and enjoy a cup of tea! Inside this cute tin is 200 grammes of natural, vegan and cruelty free scrub made from Dead Sea Salt which is a wonderful exfoliant. The salt is blended with an ingredient I have never come across before, Organic Sulphur, which has anti-inflammatory and skin-repairing properties. Also included is Coconut Oil (nourishing and helps dehydrated skin) Matcha Green Tea (fights cellulite thanks to being rich in caffeine) Peche Oil (softens and smoothes the skin) and Jasmine Oil (brings a lovely flowery scent as well as relaxing properties that help ease tension and aid sleep). It seems to me to be pretty much the perfect mix for a scrub….don’t you think?

The Salt Parlour Jasmine & Matcha Green Tea

When I get into the shower I grab a small handful and begin to massage it in circular motion across my whole body to really exfoliate everywhere well. I do this onto wet skin and leave the oil to soak in for at least 5 mins, which leaves a perfect amount of time to take care of my hair, before completely rinsing every trace of the salt away. I absolutely love this scrub as it doesn’t only remove the dead skin cells that make skin look dull but it also moisturises so well that you don’t need to apply a body cream/oil afterwards. It really is a huge time saver whilst simultaneously being less hassle……my favourite combination! I would go as far as to say it genuinely is one of the best scrubs I have ever tried as it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, smooth and soft yet without any hint of greasiness, just with a lovely healthy glow. After using it my entire body smells deliciously good and stays this way for hours.

The Repair Scrub costs £15 and is available from The Salt Parlour website. You can get 10% off with OHMYSKIN10 if you fancy trying it out! They also come in five other flavours so I will definitely be giving all of them a go soon.

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