Therapi Honey Gel Cleanser – Review

Therapi Honey Gel Cleanser Review

I love getting the chance to meet like minded people who also love natural skincare products as I always walk away with a renewed vigour for the subject as well as loads of new tips and tricks. So when I got the chance to go to the Soil Association event in the heart of central London I was very excited about who I might meet and what I might learn. I left there with a bounty of products having spoken to so many hugely knowledgeable brand owners and skin care obsessives. In my goodie bag were a multitude of brilliant products that I have been testing rigorously so in this blog I want to focus on one of my favourites of the lot, the Honey Gel Cleanser (Lemon Myrtle)  from Therapi which is certified organic by the Soil Association.

I will start by saying I absolutely love this lightly foaming gel cleanser…..but have to start by commenting on the fact that calling it a gel just doesn’t seem to sum up the consistency very well at all, in my head at least. There must be some specific reason that it is a gel but it definitely doesn’t feel how I instantly imagine a gel to feel. It is much less viscous than I was expecting and flows into your hand slightly more like a liquid than the gelatinous substance I was expecting. The colour is very subtle and looks almost transparent when it first hits your skin however as you start to rub it in it miraculously turns into a cream consistency growing opaque and white in front of your eyes. It is also at this point that it starts to foam up but it’s not a big bubbly foam but rather thousands of tiny little bubbles! The smell, which is made from the Lemon Myrtle plant and grapefruit essential oil, is delicious and so light and citrusy it instantly makes me think of orchards of lemon trees in the mediterranean. I adore it when products evoke such wonderful imagery just from their smell as it means every time I apply them will be a total pleasure and makes me want to use them again and again no matter what results they yield. Happily though in this instance I can report that this cleansing gel works wonders.

I use roughly three pumps (hopefully by now you all know how much I prefer pump packaging due to its added benefits with no worry about bacterial build up) to cover my entire face and massage it in after lathering it in my hands and dampening my face. Of course once you have fully applied it then it is advised to just wash off with clean warm water, however I like to use a cloth but we will come back to this in a second. Alongside the Lemon Myrtle this cleanser contains organic honey and yucca extract to cleanse the face and remove impurities. I am very happy to confirm that the brands claims to leave your skin clean and refreshed without dryness is a perfect explanation and I couldn’t put it better, or more succinctly. I found myself utilising this product as a second cleanser but I can confidently say it does also remove makeup proficiently. However due to its cost I would rather use a cheap oil (like jojoba for example) that does an equally great job removing makeup but at a fraction of the price. This way I make sure to keep my luxury cleansers for the second cleanse and save lots of money. I used my normal muslin cloth rather than the Konjac sponge that was supplied with the product even though it could be perfectly good, I just have a personal preference for the cloth.

Therapi advise you to team this cleanser with two other Lemon Myrtle based products in their range, the Honey Moisturiser & Hydrating Toner, but sadly I don’t have these so can’t give an opinion. I do like the cleanser enough that I think I may go and try to find them once I have finished my many other moisturisers and toners to see if they are equally as good! I am even happier to do this than usual as the company is a small British enterprise and as this is my adopted home I always love to support up and coming home grown businesses as much as possible.

Have you tried any of the Therapi products and would you recommend them? Should I go and get the other products in the range? Leave your comments below and tell me if you found this to be an effective cleanser too?


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