Current Makeup Routine

Natural Makeup Routine

I mostly speak about skincare, bodycare and haircare on my blog but I always seem to forget to give equal attention to makeup. This also seems to be the case in my daily life too as for the last few weeks I’ve been using the same makeup every single day! Throughout the summer months I prefer having a natural, warm look to my makeup. I would describe it as a fresh, bronze day look with a subtle glow, perhaps the term I am looking for is Sun Kissed? So for this post I wanted to share with you which products I use to achieve this look particularly as it’s really simple and easy and takes less than 10 minutes to finish!

Prep & Prime

During summer I find that my skin is slightly shinier and oilier than usual so I always start my makeup with a primer. Pacifica Jasmine is a silicon free primer which is 100% vegan and all natural. I found it to be a very unusual texture for a primer, like nothing I have ever tried before. It’s a kind of a clear oily liquid serum, like a face oil, but it’s light so doesn’t feel greasy on the skin. You only need the tiniest amount to cover all your face and it absorbs well without any traces of greasy residue. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking matte. It does exactly what a primer should by managing to make my makeup last all day long. I absolutely love it!

Tinted Moisturiser

I never use foundation in summer as I find it to be far too heavy for my liking. I personally much prefer using a tinted moisturiser and one of my top recommendations was the one from Nars as it does such a great job. However a month ago I was on holiday in the states and decided to purchase one from Honest Beauty. Regular readers of my blog will already know I’m trying slowly but surely to swap all of my conventional makeup to natural options. From the first day I tried this new tinted moisturiser I haven’t worn anything else! I have already talked about this product previously here so if you already read that post you will know it’s a thicker consistency than most tinted moisturisers and I found it can be a bit hard to spread. The best approach for me has been to use my fingers rather than a brush as this has yielded the best results. However once it is applied it feels really light and gives just the right amount of coverage so the hard work in the application is definitely made more than worthwhile in return. My skin ends up looking really nice and very even with a flawless, glowing final result! Oh and I nearly forget to mention that it has a SPF 20 so you’ll be protected from the sun which is always a huge bonus!

Natural Makeup Routine


Time for the concealer! The one I have been using the last 2 weeks is from Honest beauty and it’s a duo concealer which means it has a lighter side and a darker side. I bought the balanced beige shade. I don’t need a lot of coverage under my eyes but I like to apply the lighter side to brighten the skin and the darker one to cover any imperfections. For those with dark circles this product may not be the best for you as I didn’t find it provided much coverage. It’s quite thick so again you only need a tiny amount but it blends really well. I use my ring finger to pat on a thin layer and then apply the Un Powder from RMS Beauty with a brush to set the concealer and prevent it from creasing. It’s made from Silica which helps to soften the skin and makes the concealer last well throughout the day.


Now let’s move on to the bronzer and I absolutely love the Hoola from Benefit as it’s such a beautiful color to add definition to the face. It’s also so natural looking that I love the effect it gives. I focus on the areas around the edge on my face, above the temple and on my cheeks. It blends so well and doesn’t make me look orange or grey! If you know a good natural bronzer that you would recommend please leave a comment as I would love to find some and see what they are like on my skin.


For this look I like to keep it nice and simple so I apply the Hoola bronzer across the whole eyelid with a fluffy brush to add a bit of definition. Then I dab on a touch of the beautiful rose gold Master Mixer from RMS Beauty on the center to add a subtle shimmer (I’m completely obsessed with this product and can’t stop using it). To finish the eyes I apply the certified organic Avril Mascara which is great for giving length and volume to my lashes. It’s a buildable formula so you decide how much volume you want but personally I love it with a lot a lot of volume ^^. I have done a comprehensive review of this mascara here if you want to know more.

Natural Makeup Routine


To add a bit of freshness to the whole look I apply RMS Modest. It’s a creamy/corally blush which is super pigmented and therefore you only need use a small amount or you run the risk of looking like a clown. It melts into the skin and gives a sheer and natural glow to the cheeks. It’s such a lovely colour and just perfect for summer! When I’m at work I never bother with a highlighter but if I go out after work to have a drink I will dab a bit of the Master Mixer on the top of my cheekbones, the bridge of my nose and my cupid’s bow for a subtle hint of radiance.


Last but not least the lips! I change lipsticks quite often so it’s hard to choose just one but the last addition to my collection was the Honest Beauty Lip Crayon ‘Honest Kiss’ from the demi-matte range! It’s a perfect nude for my lips that just enhances my natural colour. It has a nice creamy texture that is moisturising and literally feels just like a lip balm! However, if you want something a bit more colourful the RMS blush can be used on the lips too!

And that’s it done! You’ll look beautifully bronzed with a sun kissed glow like you have spent all week kicking back and relaxing on the beach.


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