Sometimes I wish I were a scientist. It would help me so much more in understanding all the amazing ingredients and ways of combining them to create the perfect products. If I knew what worked together perfectly and in what amounts then I am sure I could make the most spectacular concoctions. Luckily for all of us skincare obsessives certain brands are trying to do exactly that on our behalf. The latest addition to my life is a brand called HiQ who have introduced me to something new in the form of Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in their Facial Serum. I am lost already just hearing the name which probably explains why I am not a scientist, unlike the two owners of Atlanta based HiQ Cosmetics, one of whom can boast a PHD in chemistry. As I have mentioned before my ears always perk up when I hear things like this in the natural cosmetic industry as it gives a great feeling of trust before you even try the product!

When I did finally get my hands on this product I was really excited to try it and see exactly what it was all about. I was already warming to the brand as I read through the company literature that they really dislike synthetic and artificial components and only use the best natural ingredients. After all of this build up I really wanted to know what is in their face serum along with the Coenzyme as I had been promised natural antioxidants, skin-friendly vitamins and plant extracts. The hand picked ingredients included a-lipolic acid, tocopheral (vitamin E) and USDA certified Green Tea extract. Possibly more impressive even than that was a small list on the back of the marketing collateral that included: Non GMO, certified organic ingredients, vegan, paraben free, recyclable, no animal testing, peg free, dermatologist tested and Hypoallergenic. However to top that it also noted that the literature itself was made from sustainable trees and printed with Soy Ink. Even for someone as obsessed with natural and organic products as me the Soy Ink printed information was an entirely new development in my life! The line of ticks were stacking up fast now, everything sounded brilliant so far to me! The amazing mix that the scientist duo claim to have developed is quoted as being Anti-Aging, Moisturising, Antioxidant Rich and generally Rejuvenating. When I went through the ingredient list it was huge so I won’t go into detail but I will tell you that it was a hugely impressive selection, I will link to the list here if you want to go through it.


So once I finally opened the product and dived in the first thing you notice is the really strong bright mustardy yellow colour. It makes a nice change and the company assure you that this is due to the fact it’s fortified with this magical ingredient Coenzyme and not from any sort of dye. This Coenzyme definitely deserves a little more explanation though as it seems to be quite a special ingredient on all accounts. Named Ubiquinone I am assured that it is a powerful antioxidant, essential nutrient, anti-inflammatory and works at a cellular level (It’s starting to sounds worryingly like one of the X-Men now). Alongside this there is also one of the beauty world’s recent favourites, Hyaluronic Acid, which adds moisturising & anti-aging traits whilst helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The texture of the serum is really light and nice and soaks into your skin really quickly. It’s not what I would call creamy but it’s definitely not oily either and manages to sit perfectly between the two. However the real winning point of the HiQ Face Serum is the second thing you notice and that’s it’s smell! It is absolutely wondrous. This is mostly due, I presume, to the fact that it contains Mandarin Orange Peel Oil and Tangerine Peel Oil. I had to stop myself from trying to put the serum into my mouth instead of on my face! The Green Tea Extract, olive based moisturising agents and Jojoba Seed Oil definitely all took second stage to these stunning scents but still add so much of their own to the product. As you can see even from these few ingredients it is a great selection. My skin felt lovely as I applied the serum and I loved the process so much. Ultimately, HiQ have managed to team this lovely texture, sumptuous smell, an amazing ingredient list and a wonderful ethical stance so it will be no surprise to my regular readers that I am absolutely in love with this new find at the moment! I found the serum really brightened my face and hydrated my skin and left it feeling really enlivened.

Even though I am a purveyor of very high end natural products, as that is my particular passion and obsession, I know lots of people will find this HiQ face serum a little out of reach as it definitely sits in the top price bracket. As I have said before when you use the best ingredients the price is nearly always also what could be only described as the top too. This little beauty with its ample quantities of natural, high performance ingredients in its premium european glass bottles comes in at a mouth watering $125. Make sure to treat this one with the care and respect it deserves if you are going to spoil yourself to something as stunning as this…….and trust me it is a real treat!

If you have been lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle of the HiQ facial serum I would love to hear what you thought and how you have been incorporating it into your life and routine!

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