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I hate getting behind with my blog posts but once in awhile with all the events, photography and social media certain things slip to the back of my to do list. One of these instances happened recently to me with the Evidence beauty box. I received May’s version and had so many things to focus on that I have only just got around to reviewing it now over a month late! Shame on me but as they say, better late than never.

I have reviewed one of Évidence previous boxes in my post here but I will cover the basic premise again now for anyone who hasn’t read that. The Evidence beauty box is dedicated to organic and/or natural cosmetics and each monthly release contains full size versions of 2 cosmetics, 1 makeup, 1 snack and sometimes 1 bonus extra!

The box is a monthly subscription of €31 but you can also opt for a no obligation version at the slightly higher price of€35 . Evidence also has a great eshop which has some great deal available at the moment so go and check it out and grab some goodies!! So let’s dive in and see what’s inside May’s box!

Gaina Serum Good Mine €18 – We are off to a good start straight away ^^ I have had my eyes on this brand for ages wanting to test it so I am delighted to see this product in the box! It is a 100% natural serum enriched with extracts of Carrot (gives your skin a wonderful glow) and flower of White Lily (clears the skin and prevents the appearance of dark patches) This serum is targeted towards helping specifically dull and tired skin. I started to use it only yesterday so I can’t say very much for the moment but my first impressions are rather positive. It is a serum without perfume that penetrates very quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy residue. Hopefully after a few weeks of use I will still be as positive after seeing whether there have been any positive effects on my skin and I will definitely cover this in more detail in a future review…….so keep your eyes peeled!

Melchior & Balthazar Exfoliating Soap with Orange Flower and Argan €12 – When I first opened the Evidence box I was pleasantly surprised by the smell, a fragrance of orange blossom escaped and filled the entire room. It was the balance that I find just right, strong enough but not overpowering and a wonderfully delicious smell. After delving a bit deeper I realised that this delicious perfume came from the Melchior & Balthazar soap! This is a brand that I have not come across before so I was once again excited about the opportunity to discover something new. This soap is 100% natural, certified organic, cold saponified and handmade in France. It’s made of vegetable oils (Argan, Olive, Coco), butter (Shea & Cacao) and clays. Sounds like this soap has it all…….now all I have to do is test it!

Gloss Phyt’s €17 – I know the brand Phyt’s due to their range of care products but I did not know that they also have a range of makeup. Another new discovery for me, always a good day when that happens! ^^ I received this peach melba coloured gloss which I would describe as a very nice nude tone. It has a pleasant texture and isn’t at all sticky. I absolutely adore the smell of this gloss, it is sweet and at the same time a touch acidic. It seems like its going to be a very good product and is also certified organic! It’s just a shame that the packaging is not a bit more modern looking as i find it a little old fashioned.

Lady Green Sponge Konjac Face €7.95 – Its been years now since I last used a konjac sponge, I had forgotten how nice they are! Made from 100% natural plant fibres the Konjac Sponge will gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin while tightening the pores. It is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive ones. As a girly bonus it comes in a little pink heart shape and is just sooooooo cute! ^^

Generous Céline lemon €4.35 – To finish, it’s snack time……this is how i think everything in life should finish! Firstly some delicious shortbreads with lemon that barely lasted me long enough to write about them! I enjoyed “sampling” them with a nice little latte, it was a real treat! Also these shortbreads are organic and gluten free!

In addition to these small shortbreads I was also treated to another little additional snack, 2 Rapunzel chocolate ladybirds. They didn’t last long either!

To conclude, what a super box this is! I was extremely pleased as this box put me onto some new brands I have not come into contact with before and that is one of my favourite little pleasures in life. I love to be shown new and interesting things all the time! I find this May edition really well rounded and varied as there is a product for the face, a product for the body, an accessory, some makeup and of course the all important snacks!!! If you are as excited and interested by this box as I am then it’s good news as it’s on promotion at the moment so go and snap up that offer fast before they run out! The total value of the box is 60 so it’s quite a massive saving of 25 €, nearly half price!

So, what do you think of May’s Evidence Box contents? Are you as enthralled as I am? Have you tried any of their other boxes and were they as successful? I would love to hear back from you and if this was a one off or if you found them to always be as well curated?


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