How to boost your tan and make it last longer

Summer is here and tanning season has officially begun!! If you have just come back from your summer holiday, or are leaving soon, I have a brilliant recipe that should be on your radar…..a moisturising milk made from Oligo’Bronz. Oligo’Bronz is a natural ingredient that can accelerate and improve your tan to help keep you looking beautifully bronzed for longer! It’s so easy to make as the recipe only requires 3 or 4 ingredients, so let’s do it!

To make this tan accelerator you will need:
1 bowl
1 bottle
100ml of milk moisturiser (lait végétal)
5ml oligo’bronz
3ml of tomato seed oil
35 drops of monoi fragrance (optional)

 All of the ingredients I have used came from Aroma-Zone.

Why these ingredients?

Oligo’bronz’ is a great natural ingredient made from algae that can accelerate and prolong your tan by stimulating the melanin (the pigment responsible for coloring and tanning) in your skin, it is however not a self-tanner. Thanks to this ingredient we get an easy, equal and natural tan. As an added bonus, it also helps fight sunburn too.

Lait Végétal is an organic neutral base made of 50% aloe vera juice and 50% coconut oil, shea butter and cocoa butter. Its texture is light and fluid and it moisturizes and nourishes the skin without any sort of greasy or sticky effect, in fact your skin will be left feeling supple and satiny. I have been using this product for over a year now which allows me to customize my recipes according to my needs by adding very specific and targeted ingredients when I feel my skin needs them.

Tomato seed oil is rich in carotenoids and antioxidants. It gives your skin a healthy glow and prevents aging. If you prefer though it’s perfectly acceptable to replace the Tomato seed oil with carrot oil or buriti oil as these 2 oils are also very rich in carotenoids.

Monoï fragrance brings a sweet summer smell which is pleasant and not heady.

How to prepare?

Put the lait végétal (milk moisturiser) in a bowl and add the remaining ingredients one by one and mixing really well before you add the next……and repeat. Next, pour the mixture into a bottle and that’s it, the recipe is done!

Once you have done this you will get a wonderful moisturizing and nourishing milk to use which prepares your skin for tanning by stimulating melanin and intensifying your tan. It can also be used as a tanning extension after exposure to the sun. I have been using this recipe for ages now and I have had some brilliant results, you get a lovely warm and even tan much more easily than without it and with far less exposure to the sun…which is what we all want at the end of the day! All in all, It’s pretty amazing! 

Please do give me any feedback if you test this recipe as I would love to hear how it helped!


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