How to remove blackheads – Natural DIY FACE MASK Recipe

If I had to name one type of skin imperfection that is renowned for being difficult to get rid of, the first thing that springs to mind must be blackheads. Sometimes it feels like they are stuck to your nose and no matter what you do they will never go away! Fortunately I have managed to find a wonderful little solution to get rid of them. I have discovered a brilliant product from Aroma-Zone, Natural Enzymes! I am honestly quite amazed by its effectiveness on both blackheads and my skin in general! So, today I thought I would share a super simple DIY face mask recipe, which will allow you to get rid of those pesky little black dots without damaging your skin in the process. So…here we go!

Before applying the mask I advise you to start with a facial sauna to open the pores and clean the skin. This will help the mask to be much more effective.

→ Boil hot water and pour it into a bowl
→ Add 2 drops of lemon essential oil
→ Place your face over the bowl and cover your head with a towel to hold the steam towards your face
→ Wait a few minutes and then apply the mask!

  • Ingredients to make the mask

2 tsp of Multani Mitti clay (or Rhassoul)
⅓ tsp teaspoon of Natural Enzymes
⅓ tsp Activated Charcoal
2 tsp of Water

✓ All ingredients are available at Aroma-Zone, here, here and here.

  • Why these ingredients?

Multani mitti clay and charcoal combined with natural enzymes work wonders on the skin.

Natural Enzymes exfoliate the skin gently without grains or beads which means there is no mechanical friction. Enzymes eliminate dead cells, fight against imperfections and blackheads and give a smoother skin texture, it’s a little miracle worker.

Multani Mitti clay is ideal for deep cleansing and purifying the skin as it absorbs excess oil and tightens pores. It also gives beautiful radiance to the skin.

Activated Charcoal is recognized for its exceptional purifying and detoxifying properties. It helps to fight encrusted blackheads and absorb all the toxins and impurities accumulated on the skin.

  • Recipe

To make this mask, it’s really easy:

→ In a bowl, mix the Multani Mitti clay, the charcoal and the natural enzymes.
→ Add water little by little and mix until you reach a smooth paste.

Your mask is ready!

  • Application

→ Spread the paste in a thick layer on the face and leave on for 10 minutes
→ Spray a gentle mist of water over the face occasionally so that the mask remains wet (do not let dry or it loses its effectiveness)
→ After 10 min rinse well with warm water.

And that’s it done, time to sit back and admire the result :). Smooth, bright skin and even more impressively the blackheads are almost all removed! Of course though, they don’t all just leave at once, some are tough little blighters but if you make this mask regularly, once a week I would suggest, then you will see that little by little they will disappear completely.

If you try this mask I would love to read your impressions in the comments!

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