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After a few days of well deserved rest spent strolling along some beautiful English beaches, I’m back rejuvenated with vitamin D and ready to give you my opinion on Kadalys products.

Kadalys is a French cosmetics brand with 100% natural, organic and vegan range of face, body and hair products. All these products are based on 2 active ingredients derived from banana peel, with high levels of antioxidants. The Green Banana Musactif helps preserve youth and the Yellow Banana Musactif helps fight the effects of time. I had the opportunity to test 4 products and after several weeks use I can finally review them! I wasn’t familiar with the brand at all previously so I was delighted to find all out about it!

Pure melt Cleansing Oil – It’s a gel make-up remover made of avocado & rosehip oils and yellow banana. I was quite surprised by the texture at first as I didn’t expect such a compact and thick gel…….but I love it! I use it on dry skin, I put a nut in the palm of my hands and I gently massage my entire face including my eyes. Its texture melts wonderfully on the skin turning into oil and then into a milky emulsion once in contact with water. This product is really nice to use, very soft on the skin and smells extremely good. Although in terms of efficiency, I find that it doesn’t completely remove my makeup, especially mascara. So, I prefer to use it as a cleanser after removing my makeup with jojoba oil. It’s much better in this way, it cleans really well without drying my skin.

Radiant Soothing Gel Cream – It is a moisturizing cream made of green banana, aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Its texture is quite fluid, it penetrates very quickly and leaves a matte finish, which I find ideal in the morning since it allows me to wear makeup immediately after. Its perfume is really nice, it smells of banana. It says on the packaging that it provides 24-hour hydration but I think it’s a little bit light. At this time with the hot weather it suits me but as soon as the cold days coming, its moisturizing power will be too low for my mixed dehydrated skin. I think this cream is much more suitable for oily skin in my opinion. Or you’ll need to have to add a few drops of carrier oil for added moisture.

Peeling Exfoliant – This is a facial scrub that combines a chemical action, thanks to fruit acids, and a mechanical action, thanks to the jojoba beads present in the product. It eliminates impurities, dead skin and refines the skin texture. I love its texture, it melts beautifully and gives a light and very pleasant feeling. As indicated on the packaging, I apply a thick layer on the face, I let it act for 10 minutes then I massage gently before rinsing my face. As a result, my skin is softer, brighter and also smoother. It is a very soft exfoliant, I felt no tingling (unlike other exfoliants, based on fruit acids, that I tested) and the beads are not abrasive at all. This mask is a pure pleasure and it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

Precious Nutritive Oil – My favorite product of the 4 tested! This multi-purpose dry oil is a real marvel. It can be used on face, body and hair. Personally, I use it mostly on my body. What I particularly like is its very fine texture, really nice to apply. It moisturizes very well and leaves no greasy film. My skin is supple and feels really soft. As for its smell, I found it a bit strong at first but then quite quickly faded away? It’s formulated with green banana and a nice cocktail of carrier oils with antioxidant and fortifying properties, avocado, jojoba, green tea and muscat rose.

As usual, when I do a product review I try to organize a giveaway as well to give the chance for one of you to try the products too. So head to my Instagram @ohmyskin to participate :)

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