Natural Home Air Purifying Spray

Florence Nature Natural Home Air Purifying Spray

I have always been a candle junkie with different ones alight in each room of my house nearly every single day. I bought and tried various brands and only cared about the fragrance and whether the smell was stong enough to perfume the entire room. I specifically loved the fresh and clean candle scents from certain very famous brands (I think we all know which ones I’m referring to there)! They used to be my favourites however since I became more conscious about what I consume and more aware about chemical ingredients all these candles ended up in the bin! No more paraffin wax or nasty synthetically scented oils burning around me please! As I’m a home fragrance lover I needed to find some natural alternatives. There are lots of natural candles on the market but they are either too pricey or the smell simply doesn’t last very long.  

I was really lucky to find some Neom candles and diffusers in TK Maxx for a very good price. I stupidly didn’t buy enough because they are usually very expensive and there is no way I will pay full price! The amount they charge seems to me to be far too expensive for a candle, I personally would rather put that much money in a skincare product…but thats just me! I decided to try something different that I have never used before, an air purifying spray, which not only smells divine but also purifies the air……how good is that?!! The purifying spray I went for contains 31 amazing pure and natural essential oils (eucalyptus, orange, citrus, etc…) which have cleansing and purifying properties. It’s fresh, very pleasant and all natural. I spray it all around my house and it instantly refreshes the air and the smell lasts ages, I feel like I’m in a spa.

I bought this product from the Fleurance Nature website as they had a very good deal of 50% off!! You can find it currently at its full price of €12,80 but they often have it on sale. Have you tried an Air Purifying Spray or if you have any natural candle recommendations, please leave a comment.


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