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So I have decided to start a new section that I will resurrect whenever necessary that  allows me to spotlight certain items I have been trying and testing and really liking but that don’t necessarily fit together in a cohesive theme. Without further ado here are three items I really liked recently……

Lava Terra from Being Review

Being Lava Terra Complexion ClayUpon returning from holiday I found my skin was kind of out of control. I don’t know why but every time I take a flight you can be sure than I‘ll end with at least one, if not numerous, spots!! As I have show in some of my previous blog posts i am a huge exponent of using Clay masks. This little package of goodness really helped me out after this recent flight! Some of you may have seen me using this mask live on snapchat (and rather embarrassingly seen me looking like Rambo hahhahaha). This mask is a blend of Australian black clay, activated charcoal, sea buckthorn fruit powder and rosemary essential oil. All these beautiful ingredients help to draw out impurities from the skin, soothing it and reducing irritation. This mask comes in powder form so you need to mix it with a bit of water (or with flower water) to create a paste; 2tsp clay to 1tsp water. Apply it to your face when clean then leave it on for 10 min. Then rinse it off with warm water or with a damp muslin (this second method is so enjoyable and relaxing). This mask really helps to clear my blemishes and leaves my face feeling so soft, fresh and super clean.

Evolve African Orange Aromatic Wash hand and body wash

Evolve African Orange Aromatic Wash hand and body washIt is of vital importance to me to know exactly what I am slathering over my body everyday. I see so many people dissecting their every product and yet very few talk about their shower gel. Often people just plump for the cheapest and then spend serious wedges of money on other items that they don’t cover their entire body with every day. This seems a little crazy to me so on this blog I want to start highlighting more and more good quality natural shower gels & body washes as they are often used twice as much as shampoos (which seem to hog all the limelight). I personally have a serious addiction for shower gel, especially ones that smell citrusy-orange and, oh God, does this one smell amazing. It’s like someone squeezed 10 fresh oranges into the bottle! It smells so luscious and incredible!! I have literally been using this everyday since I received it as it makes every shower feel so refreshing. Of course, as with everything I try to use (and recomend), it doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals and also doesn’t make your skin feel dry after use. It lathers up really nicely and keeps my skins feeling so clean and soft. It’s 98% natural and made with great ingredients like Aloe Vera, Blood Orange essential Oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Black Pepper essential oil. This mixture is great to make you feel really refreshed. It doesn’t contain any irritating ingredients to harm your skin such as Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate (SLS/SLES). I love the packaging and even more so that it’s a pump as it’s much more hygienic and practical.

Rolfe&Wills Zip Bag

Rolfe&Wills Zip BagFor once I’m going to deviate from my usual path and talk about something that is not directly a beauty product but is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, related. This post is about a really cute little makeup bag, something that I find to be nearly as important as what I put inside it as without it my life would be even more of a mess than it already is (if that’s even possible)! I have to begin by saying this seems to be a great company both ethically and morally, from what I can tell. The bag itself is printed with organic ink and made from 100% Organic cotton and fits loads inside it. The story continues that the bags are all stitched by women who work for an ethical company in India giving them the opportunity to regain control of their lives in a caring community through education and support. That’s something I really like and want to support but at the same time I love that the bag is so cute & minimalist in style. We really are getting the best of both worlds with products like this when brands and designers think about the entire lifecycle of what they are making. I love this sort of design and business practise and want to support it wholeheartedly whenever possible! More of this please world.

Let me know if you tried out any of these or any other products in their range!

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  1. Lily
    24th juin 2016 / 2:36 am

    I love Evolve products! have you tried their radiant glow mask? it’s really good!! I love the makeup bag!

    • OhMySkin
      19th juillet 2016 / 10:47 pm

      nope I didn’t try it yet! I will add it to my wishlist :)

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