How to reduce cellulite naturally?

For the last 4 weeks I have been testing out a new routine that I have been quietly devising for a while now, in the possibly vain attempt, to reduce my cellulite. I am absolutely ecstatic to say that it has had a definite effect on my thighs and that the results are absolutely brilliant. So now I know it works, on me at least, I thought I would outline in this article my amazing anti-cellulite routine as hopefully it will be as wonderful for you as it has been for me. If you manage to stick to the routine you will be pleasantly surprised by the results you can achieve from using just these 2 products. Let’s go!

Every morning and evening, after my shower, I apply Emul’Gel Galbe & Silhouette. Made of caffeine, criste marine, grapefruit essential oils and concentrated algae extracts it’s the perfect cocktail to fight cellulite. This certified organic product helps to break down fat, reduce the “orange-peel” effect and prevent the formation of cellulite.

I massage my thighs and bum, the areas that I find in particular most strongly affected by this damn cellulite curse. The texture enables this gel to penetrate quickly so I can dress without having to wait for ages, which is a huge bonus.

For the second step I practice dry brushing every day but specifically in the evening. It’s a technique full of benefits which has been used in India for centuries, especially in the practice of Ayurveda. Here are some of the benefits:

  • stimulate the lymphatic system and help the body eliminate toxins, strengthening the immune system
  • activate the blood circulation
  • reduce cellulite and orange peel effect
  • eliminate dead skin thanks to its exfoliating action

So, I hear you all collectively ask, how does it work? As the name suggests, dry brushing is done on dry skin. Brush your body with a natural bristle brush for 5 – 10 minutes before taking a shower. For it to be most effective, I would advise starting with the feet following horizontal then vertical movements before carrying this same action along the legs, paying particular emphasis to the thighs and buttocks. We then go to the back, the belly, the arms and return to the chest. The pressure applied by brushing should be firm but not painful. At first the sensation may feel a little strange but over time you will definitely become less sensitive and the brushing actually becomes a nice moment to relax during your day. Here is a video that explains the process really well.

The first time I really got interested in the idea of dry brushing was while watching the BBC Looking Good program. They had conducted a 5 week study on several women with cellulite who they had divided into 3 groups. The first group had to do a series of daily exercises, the second group were to apply a daily anti-cellulite cream and finally the third should practice daily dry brushing. It won’t take you long to figure out which method was the most effective……..dry brushing!!!! The before/after was amazing, even the doctor couldn’t believe it. If you want to check it out yourself then here is the video.

I should add that I wasn’t only doing dry brushing as I also make sure to do some sport when I can, run 2 to 3 times a week for 30 minutes and I do toning exercises at home. I also always try and eat healthily and avoid treats as much as possible but still treat myself here and there.

So what does the result look like? Since the use of Emul’Gel Galbe & Silhouette and dry brushing I noticed a big improvement in the appearance of my skin. My skin is much smoother, firmer and with a clear decrease in cellulite. It’s really quite impressive! The infamous orange peel like “holes” really faded. My cellulite has not totally disappeared but there has been a marked improvement, what a difference! This is the first time I have ever seen such a great result on my thighs and that has cheered me up no end ^^. 

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