2Moss Hair mask and Leave in – Review

2Moss Hair mask and Leave in Review

The first product I ever tried from the brand 2moss was a conditioner (I’m now on my third bottle). I have fallen so much in love with this product that I have been faithful to it since our very first brief, and steamy, encounter. I have done a full review of the fantastic 2moss conditioner here if you want to know a bit more about it but for now back to the reason for this post. 2moss is a french organic brand that sells high quality luxury hair products that definitely sit in the upper echelons of the pricing bracket. All their products are pretty expensive ranging from 31€ to 56€.

During the black friday sales last year an online shopping website (apologies as I can’t remember which one now) was selling the whole 2moss range at 30% off and the prospect of this whipped me up into a mini frenzy. As I was so enamoured by their conditioner I really wanted to try everything else in the range to see if they matched up. I think I must have blacked out through the excitement as the next thing I knew I had somehow ordered the entirety of their range! With the 30% discount I of course restocked my cupboards with a ridiculously plentiful amount of the conditioner before adding to my basket a shampoo, a hair mask and a leave in (pretty good going for an unconscious shopper i know!).

2Moss Hair mask Review

OK, so let’s get rid of the negatives first. I have previously reviewed the 2 moss shampoo and I was less than pleased with it for the huge price tag of 31euros (If you want the full detailed outline of my thoughts then go to my review here). Thankfully though it is the only product I have not been impressed with from the range. The hair mask ‘Le Soin Hydra-Purifiant’ is a really good quality product, it’s designed for oily scalps and dry hair which is exactly matches my hair type. It helps to purify the scalp and regulate excess sebum production thanks to the Nettle and Watercress and helps moisturise hair length thanks to the aloe vera, jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid. I apply this mask once a week to my damp hair just before shampooing. The texture is very liquid for a hair mask which makes the application a little tricky so I’m always extra careful not to drop any as at the whacking price of 56€ every single drops counts^^. I like to massage my scalp for a few minutes and leave it for at least 3h and then I rinse out, shampoo and condition. The result……it’s an excellent mask which really moisturises hair without weighing it down. My hair feels soft, light and simply lovely!

2Moss Leave in Review

Once I have finished this treatment stage on my hair I then apply, to my still damp hair, the 2moss leave in product “La creme de Jour”. I only use a tiny amount but make sure to cover the entire length of my hair. It’s a very nice light cream that, to be honest, smells a bit weird but as I only apply a such a small amount the smell doesn’t linger on my hair. It contains similar moisturising ingredients to the hair mask: jojoba oil, hyaluronic acid and glycerin. It also contains macadamia oil which really helps protect the hair. Since I started using this leave in I have really noticed a difference on my ends as they are much less dry than they used be. I’m not sure if this is the combination of the hair mask + the leave in that works so well but either way my hair feels much more supple and soft.

The entire 2moss range is undoubtedly extremely pricey so the big question is would I recommend it with such a cost attached? To be honest I’m still in two minds and not entirely sure. I really like these products (except the shampoo obviously) as my hair feels pretty happy when I use them however because of the price I really can’t bring myself to say they are worth it. I will admit though that as soon as I see another amazing promo I will definitely restock so perhaps they should look at a 30% reduction in price and open their market up to a wider range of customers. If you do have the budget to spoil yourself go ahead try them as without the consideration of price I would give them a big thumbs up.


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