Night Delight – Hydrating All Over Balm Review

Night Delight Hydrating Balm

Regular readers of my blog will not be shocked to hear that today I am reviewing a multi balm! There seems to be a multitude of multi balms being released onto the market currently so there is stiff competition if you want to stand out. I always have a slight issue that I am never sure exactly where to fit all purpose use balms into my routine as I like to have specific products for the different skin types across my body. I usually wonder if one balm can manage to meet the needs of all these areas of skin as effectively as I want. This balm from Night Delight does specify some particular areas that it says you should focus it on which are your lips, elbows, heels and cuticles so I guess all the areas most prone to dryness. Two of the ingredients are organic including corn powder and, the most prevalent ingredient in the balm, sunflower oil. Sunflower oil is known for being rapidly absorbed into skin making it great for hydration whilst having the added benefit of strengthening the skin’s barrier to help retain moisture.These are married with a selection of essential oils like Orange and Lavender. Orange Oil soothes inflammation and Lavender has calming & soothing effects too. The formulation also includes Rosehip Oil which is full of vitamins and antioxidants and the ubiquitous Shea butter which is never a bad addition to a balm and seems to be found in many of the balms I have tested recently.

Night Delight Hydrating Balm Night Delight Hydrating Balm

I gather from the name of the brand that the products are targeted for use after a long day to help you unwind before and during a night’s sleep, so I followed their advice and took 20 mins to pamper myself before reclining on the sofa after a hard day. The first thing I noticed was that I really love the smell of this balm with its overriding scent being orange. It was backed up by other secondary smells but I found them all to be delightful. I noticed a lovely sheen to my skin once I had applied the balm but it definitely wasn’t oily or greasy and I found the texture and the entire application process very pleasing. This is of course something that I think should be achieved with all products, as if it becomes a chore or an unpleasurable process, then I don’t find myself looking forward to using them……and ultimately they are cast aside. This balm however was a joy to use, from the delicious smell to the delightful feeling. It does sit in the higher end of products with a 30ml jar costing around €49 (which these days is getting close to £49!).

I really like this balm in all respects but, seeing as I make so many of my own products now, I am a little reticent to pay that price for something I could make quite a bit cheaper. There are no ingredients that really strike me as being that expensive or unique to warrant the amount. However I know that most people won’t spend the time and the amount of effort it takes to create their own DIY versions and if that’s the case and you fancy treating yourself to one balm that can work on loads of different areas of your body then I would definitely say give this one a try and you will really enjoy using it!

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