DIY Relaxing Fizzy Bath Bomb


I think that my very first foray into the world of products had to be a fascination I developed as a young child for bath bombs! Even now the thought of their amazing fizz when dropped into a bath cheers me up no end but when I was small it sent me into a full on fever pitch. I have recently mentioned this to a few other people and realised that lots of them also started out buying bath bombs before any other items, so it obviously is a shared memory for lots of people. As you get older though you start to investigate all the other products the industry has to offer and I think bath bombs are sometimes seen as a more childish and playful object. I refuse to look down upon them in this way though as anything fun like that is a welcome relief to me in the often dreary adult world.

Sunday is without doubt my favourite day for self indulgence and the best time to retreat into a happier and less stressful period of life. I imagine this is because it’s the day where I have the least responsibilities and expectations so I can just hide away and have some serious ‘Me Time’. Taking a few moments to do this really helps me to relax and reduces my stress levels dramatically, sometimes I fear that without this I might just burst! 

When it’s really cold outside I love having a nice warm bath to help me relax and unwind. This serves a dual purpose as it helps me to prepare mentally and physically for the coming week. This is where a little regression to a more childish mental state and some extra fun can work wonders for my happiness levels. I have been through a multitude of different bathing products, from high end to home remedies, and tested them all but I have to say that none of them had that little extra fun factor that bath balls do. Some of the products smelt amazing, some felt amazing and some had stunning effects but all missed that little extra touch that made me smile. So this lead me to think, why couldn’t I make my own DIY recipe that manages to incorporate all of these things? Not only to help me relax and destress but also smell and feel amazing whilst adding a touch of entertainment. So on that note I set about making my new exciting recipe! I started with the idea of using lavender as it’s so good for calming the mind and aids restful sleep. Luckily, it is also one of my all time favourite scents and fills the entire bathroom with a sublime smell. So the next task was to work out how to get a really strong color and fizzing effect as without this I feel like they just don’t have the same impact. The big question for me was how to achieve this using only natural ingredients well simply by combining Bicarbonate of Soda with Citric Acid! After that the colour is the easy part, so let’s get into the recipe.


How to make my fizzy bath bombs?

Spray Bottle (Flacon Vaporisateur) 

Moulds (Moules)

120 g Bicarbonate of Soda (Bicarbonate de Soude)

55g Citric Acid (Acide Citrique)

125 g Fine Epsom Salt (Sel d’Epsom)

2 tbsp Lavender buds (Fleurs de Lavande)

1 tbsp Jojoba Oil 

Drops of Pink Oxyde (Une pincée de colorant mineral Oxyde Rose)

50 drops of Lavender Essential Oil (Huile Essentielle Lavande Vraie)

2 tbsp of Rose Water or Mineral water (Hydrolat de Rose ou Eau minérale)

All these ingredients are available on both the Aroma-Zone and Baldwin websites.


Mix together the Bicarbonate of Soda, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt and the Lavender buds in a bowl. Add the Jojoba Oil, Lavender essential oil and the Pink Oxyde making sure to mix everything really well after each addition. Put the Rose water in a spray bottle and start spraying lightly over the mixture whilst continually stirring to stop the ingredients from fizzing. Aim for a consistency where the mixture is still quite crumbly but will just hold its shape when you squeeze it hard in your hand. Next place the mixture into the moulds and press it down firmly. Let the bath bombs sit for 4 hours in a dry place before removing from the moulds.

Feel free to use whatever moulds you have to hand, I didn’t buy anything special, I just used the moulds I had at home. I made two different shapes, first I used some silicone spherical moulds that are intended for ice and second some silicone heart shaped moulds that I usually use to make cake. As always, feel free to customise the shape and colour of this recipe however you fancy. This time I used Pink Oxide, which is a mineral colouring, to give a beautiful pink color to the bombs and give them a really pretty and feminine feel!

Now light some candles and place them around the bath before dropping the bomb into the warm water and watch the spectacular explosion of colour, smell and effervescence! Then dive into the water and sit back and enjoy a long relaxing bath! Please comment below and tell me what you think of this recipe and if you dare to take a photo of the explosion then don’t forget to tag me on Instagram (@ohmyskin) or twitter (@ohmyskin_)!!


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  1. 13th novembre 2016 / 5:14

    At times like this I WISH I had a bath tub or bath tubs were more common in Finland.. we have saunas instead. 😛 I’m going to save this post on my to-try list as the ingredients don’t seem too complicated or hard to find. I’d love to relax and regress and mentally prepare for an upcoming week or a challenge by bathing.. hopefully my next apartment will have a tub! Hugs!

    Laura xx Laurantaina Beauty Blog

    • OhMySkin
      15th novembre 2016 / 11:55

      Saunas are great to relax too! I wish I had one at home hahahaha 🙂

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