4 Favourite Natural Skincare Products From Madara

I have the pleasure today to present a brand for which I have a real crush……..Madara! A brand of organic beauty products that I found out about 2 years ago and which i have lusted over ever since. Madara comes from Latvia and offers natural, vegan products that are not tested on animals and certified Ecocert. I have tested several products but today I am going to give you my opinion on the following 4; the face cream Smart Antioxidants, the AHA Peel Mask, the exfoliating Oil to Milk Scrub and the lip balm Plum Plum!

Day Cream Smart Antioxidants – I tested this cream exclusively every morning for over a month and I must say that I absolutely adore it! It’s recommended for normal to combination skin facing the first signs of age. It is an ultra light cream with a fluid texture and fresh lemon cucumber scent. As soon as I apply it on my skin it immediately feels fresh and pleasant. The cream is quickly absorbed without leaving the skin feeling greasy or sticky and remains perfectly hydrated throughout the day. It leaves a matte finish which acts as a great makeup base. In just over one month of use I have seen its effects on my small fine dehydration lines which appear much less defined.

Brightening AHA Peel Mask – I’m on my third tube which tells you how much I love this mask!! I talked about it in a post a year ago and it’s still one of my favorite masks concentrated with fruit acids, vitamins C and lactic acids that act as an exfoliant but without grain. It is intended to eliminate all dead skin while smoothing the skin’s texture and improving the overall appearance of the skin to give it a glow. I use it twice a week leaving it on for about 10 minutes each time. It has a warm little tingle but nothing too harsh. After each use my skin is much softer, clearer and brighter. Over the long term I have seen a distinct improvement on my acne scars that are always an area for concern and i have struggled with for years. I highly recommend it!

Exfoliating Scrub Oil To Milk – Unlike Peel mask this scrub contains grains. I love using this type of ‘mechanical scrub’ exfoliator when I feel that my face really needs a good cleaning. It is formulated with a selection of oils including Apricot, Sesame, Sunflower and Oat and also includes natural wax microbeads. It is a rather simple ingredient list but what I particularly appreciate is the soft texture of the oils that turn into a milk once in contact with water. I apply a dab of the product onto my dry face before adding a touch of water and massaging gently. I pay specific attention to the entire T zone area before rinsing my face clean. The product emulsifies which makes it nice and easy to rinse. It is a very gentle exfoliator that does not irritate the skin and smells divine!! The skin is perfectly cleansed, soft and moisturised.

Plum Plum Lip Perfection Balm: I have alternated between 2 lip balms this winter to add a real splash of excitement to my life^^ The Hurraw coco scent (my fave which I have already talked about on my instagram account) and Plum Plum from Madara (which is another of my favorites). The Plum Plum is formulated with Castor, Jojoba, Plum, Coconut carrier oils and Shea Butter making this lip balm both nourishing and very flavoursome! I really appreciate its fruity fragrance which is sugary and pleasant and to me tastes like a sweet! It’s texture is lovely and soft and melts onto your lips without any stickiness after application. My lips are always left soft, hydrated with a touch of shine. However, i will add one caveat that it needs to be applied several times a day to maintain hydration.

Have you ever used Madara products? What do you think ?


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