Best Natural Fake Tan – Eco by Sonya Face Tan Water

For the first time in a while I have felt totally compelled to write this review as quickly as possible as I have been so amazed by this new product I have found! Normally things can sit on my ever expanding shelves of products as I try them in different scenarios but this one I just wanted to start telling everyone about instantly. So this very rushed review is all about Face Tan Water from Eco by Sonya, an Australian brand that offers a fairly complete range of natural tanning products, both organic and vegan. I found out about them about a year and a half ago when I was looking for a natural alternative to my self-tanning St Tropez. I had tested the Invisible Tan and I really liked that too but not quite to the same degree as the Face Tan Water. Recently, while I was meandering through instagram profiles I came across a post by the Amazingy shop that praised the merits of this Face Tan Water as THE face Self-Tanner! It’s a moisturising water that provides a gradual natural tanned complexion and upon hearing that my curiosity was definitely stirred!! Without a seconds hesitation it magically appeared in my shopping basket and now I today I am pleased to be able to present it to you guys!

How to use – This water is used like a lotion, after cleansing my face I apply it in the evening with a cotton pad on my face and decolletage. There is no need to rinse it off, it’s really easy to apply and dries instantly too.

Ingredients – The formula is 100% natural and contains DHA (Gives the skin a tanned complexion), aloe vera (moisturising), hyaluronic acid (moisturizing, plumping) and Géranium essential oil (Healing and soothing).

Price – £28, 100ml

My Thoughts – To conclude, I am totally in love with this product! The tan is progressive and very natural. I wake up in the morning with a beautiful sun-kissed glow (absolutely not orange) and without any ugly marks. I apply it every 3 days to maintain a really pretty tanned complexion. This lotion is really easy to use but be careful around the eyebrows and make sure to blend the product well with a slightly moistened cotton-bud for and even streak free application. I advise you to exfoliate your skin once a week as this allows the product to penetrate well which creates a more uniform look and will hold longer. Since I started using this Face Tan Water I am constantly being told that my complexion looks wonderful! I can finally kiss goodbye to pale complexion throughout the year! My one and only complaint would be that the smell has a slight odor of self-tanning.

This product is available at Content Beauty & Wellbeing.

Do you know this brand? Have you tried the Face Tan Water yet? If you prefer another natural tanning product then please let me know what your favorite self-tanner is so I can test that out next!


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