Is Natural Mascara Finally as Good as Conventional Mascara?

Avril Mascara Review

So anyone who knows me knows that I have a little obsession with a certain french brand. I always prefer to try and support small labels and people who are working hard to make something they really love and believe in. However I don’t think there will ever be another brand that has had the lifelong impact on me that this company has managed to have. I have in the past caught myself literally salivating over their extortionately priced handbags telling myself nothing can be worth that price and yet still I dream of owning them. Of course this could have a lot to do with my french nationality but due to the amount of women I walk passed in every country with one under their arm I am not sure I can even try to convince myself of this any longer. Of course the brand in question is the infamous and insurmountable seven headed behemoth of a beast that is Chanel. This will start to make more sense when I explain that for many years now their ‘Le Volume de Chanel’ mascara has been one of my go to items and rarely ever left my makeup bag. So as I am on a long term mission trying to replace all my conventional makeup with natural and organic alternatives I decided I should finally see if there was anything that could oust this beautifully designed black stick from my grasp. I decided to start by trying two brands that I have had good results from other items in their range and one on the cheaper side and the other the more expensive.

RMS Mascara Review

First up the more expensive one which is the RMS Beauty Volumizing Mascara. I found that this mascara was great for adding length and separates the lashes really well however I didn’t feel that it created much volume. I kept layering on more and more in an attempt to see if I could create the feeling of volume but no matter how many times I went back over my eyelashes it didn’t seem to help. The look given appears to be very natural and not heavy and thick so I would advise someone who wants that look to try this product out. For me personally I found it to be a bit too light for my tastes and at £24 it is quite an expensive option…….and definitely doesn’t do what it says on the tin! I think I would have named it RMS Beauty Lengthening Mascara instead!

Avril Mascara Review

Secondly I tested out the cheaper option, Le Mascara from Avril. Priced at around £5.95 I have to say that this product is very reasonably priced which always makes me happy. Then the fact that it is certified organic adds another few gold stars in my world! I have to say right now that this mascara gets gold stars all round, I think it is definitely as good as the Chanel and other conventional mascaras I have used in the past. I still don’t usually expect to find directly comparable products from the natural makeup beauty world but leaps and bounds are obviously being made faster than I would have predicted. The application is so smooth and easy and just coats your eyelashes with an even amount using the tiniest effort. My lashes looked amazingly defined, each single lash was clearly seen and all looked even in terms of size and length. The mascara gave a beautiful curl as well as the holy grail when it comes the desires of mascara; a combination of both length and volume. I have rarely in my life come across any beauty products that I would recommend as highly as this one and especially in the natural or organic beauty industry.

Once again (and this is starting to become a might too predictable now) the cheaper option has far outweighed the more expensive and even more surprisingly it has blown my old love out of the water. I can happily say that I will be swapping out the Chanel from my handbag and replacing it starting from…3…2…1….now!

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