After featuring my evening skincare routine a few weeks ago I thought it seemed about time that I should now go into more detail about my natural and organic morning skincare routine. I have highlighted, step by step, all the products that I use daily to clean and moisturize my combination skin. I know a bit too well that my skin is prone to imperfections so have worked tirelessly to find a great routine that really suits me well. Some of products are different from those I use in the evening, to try and make sure I always get the best results possible for my skin, but some are soo good I repeat at both ends of the day. Anyway, enough of my rambling, let’s get down to business!


I start my routine by cleansing my face with my one of my favorite soaps, Le Vahine by Clemence & Vivien, which I have been using for months now. It’s a cold pressed soap made of pink clay, carrier oils (olive, coconut, castor oil), essential oils (ylang ylang, sweet orange, cedar of the atlas) and shea butter. It gently cleans the skin and leaves it very soft without any feeling of tightness. It smells really nice and has a lovely silkiness to the lather. Starting the day by cleaning your face with this soap is a real little moment of pleasure to savour!

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This part of my morning routine is similar to my evening one as I switch between the peppermint flower water and the Jasmine Garden Mist. To wake myself up when I feel lethargic I like to spray the peppermint flower water on my face to instantly refresh me whereas I use the Jasmine Garden Lotion when I want a more laid back relaxing start to the day. The mist is so fine, pleasant and gentle it smells amazing and really moisturises my skin (there is more detail in my evening routine here). On the days where i find myself having awoken with puffy eyes, I always use Cornflower Water in fresh compresses on my eyes. I leave them on my eyes for around 5 minutes and once the cotton is removed my eyes are less tired and less puffy……this flower water is magical!

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Eye contour

Another product that I use both in the morning and evening is the Lilfox serum (mini review here). It is an excellent eye contour that moisturizes this fragile area and attenuates my fine lines. I find it really ideal to use in the morning because despite its oily texture it penetrates quickly and I can apply makeup immediately after application.

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Serum – As we are getting into the cold winter months now my skin has once again become more dehydrated, rough, uncomfortable and tight. The moisturizer I had been using through summer was just not enough on its own anymore. Fortunately, I was prepared and so had to hand the organic SOS Hydra Intensive serum from Madara. This is a creamy serum that helps fight against dehydration. It’s made of rose water, sea buckthorn extract, peony, linseed, nettle and hyaluronic acid which is a great mix to ensure optimal moisturising. I apply it every morning before my day cream and instantly notice that my skin is back on track feeling plump, well hydrated and super comfortable throughout the entire day. If you have dehydrated skin too then I would definitely recommend that you try it!

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Day Cream – I then apply Pur’Aloe Moisturizer which is formulated with aloe vera, shea butter, almond oil and gaultherie essential Oil. It is a moisturizing and nourishing cream which penetrates quickly without leaving the skin feeling greasy and protects the skin really well from the cold. The texture is quite thick so i was a little concerned that it might be too rich for my combination skin and leave it looking shiny. However it turned out that it offers just the right dose of moisture to mattifying the skin and leave it really soft. The only downside to this product is its very short expiry date which is a measly 2 months.

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So that’s it for now as I’ve told you my deepest darkest secrets about both my morning and evening skincare routines!! Do you know any of these products and have you tried any of them? Please feel free to share your own routine in the comments as I always love getting new hints and tips to compare with my selection!


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