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Today we’re going to talk hair! The realisation hit me the other day that I have never talked about my hair routine on my blog before. My memory was jogged when I remembered that I had been tagged a while ago by 2 green beauty bloggers, Naturellement Lyla and Venus Mag, to take part in the hair routine from Easy Blush. They tagged me about 6 months ago and I completely forgot to do it but as the old saying goes, better late than never.

1. How would you describe your hair?
I have really thin, dry hair. It’s rather fragile and tends to get damaged quickly. If I don’t take care of it properly it is a catastrophe!

2. How many times do you go to the hairdresser in the year and what exactly do you ask them for?
I only go twice a year, just to cut my ends! I usually go there with my hair already washed and covered with a hair mask. There are no organic hairdressers near where I live and most ‘conventional’ hairdressers are reluctant when I ask them to use my hair products. So, to avoid their dubious products, I spare them the task of doing any shampooing and I just ask them to rinse my hair.

3. Do you brush your hair everyday or only at the time of shampooing?
I normally only brush my hair at two specific times, the first is before washing and the second is after shampooing while my hair is still wet in an attempt not to break my curls. Between the washings I just pass my fingers through my hair to untangle it.

4. How often do you wash your hair?
I usually wash it once or twice a week.


5. What is your shampoo?
I am not loyal to a shampoo in particular, as soon as I finish a bottle I test a new one from a new brand! At the moment I am testing out the solid repairing shampoo from Secrets de Provence. I am in the middle of writing a review of it that will soon be on the blog!

6. Do you use a conditioner or a hair mask afterwards?
I always put on a conditioner otherwise my fine hair tangles ridiculously easily. I am currently using Nourish from Josh Rosebrook and I really like it but my favourite is definitely the 2moss Le Demelant (reviewed here)!

7. Do you let your hair dry naturally or with a hair dryer?
In most cases I let it dry naturally but I also like to blow it dry on special occasions, even if I know that the heat damages my hair!

8. What is your shampoo day routine?
-> I start by untangling my hair
-> I apply a homemade mask and I leave it under cellophane for at least 2 hours or sometimes overnight
-> I do shampoo my hair twice
-> I then leave a conditioner in for few minutes before rinsing
-> I untangle my hair again
-> I apply a leave-in and a serum on my lengths (recipe of my hair serum here)


9. What are your favorite hair care product and masks?
I rarely buy hair masks as I prefer to make them myself. I usually find that they are just as effective, if not better, and also far cheaper. I mix ingredients that are nourishing (coconut oil, castor oil, avocado, broccoli, kukui …) and hydrating (aloe vera, yoghurt, agave syrup …) whilst also adding powders (henna neutral, marshmallow, orange, amla …) and essential oils (ylang ylang, bay st thomas …).

10. Do you check the ingredient list of your products? If so, what ingredients do you avoid?
Yes always! It has become an automatic response since I turned to a natural routine! I avoid aggressive sulfates, silicones and all its substitutes. If I have any doubts about an ingredient I check it out on the la vérité sur les cosmétiques website.

11. Do you tie your hair to sleep? If yes, how?
Again, always! I make a braid, bun or a pineapple.

12. How do you wear your hair usually?
I normally leave my hair down but I once in a while I tie it in a ponytail.

13. Are you dying your hair? If so why?
I don’t dye my hair.

14. What are your three favorite hair products?
It’s really hard to choose only 3 products but I think I will go for
-> Neutral henna, I use the one from Logona which contains jojoba oil
-> Le Demelant 2 Moss Conditioner
-> Coconut oil and other carriers oils too


15. What are three essential accessories?
A hair band, a wooden comb and hair clips.

16. What was your worst error you made to your hair?
I can barely forgive myself now but a few years back I had not 1, not 2 but 3 Brazilian blow dries! I would say now that is is possibly the worst hair care error anyone could ever make!! The 3rd one was absolutely fatal so I stopped damaging my hair before I made myself bald!! I lost a huge amount of hair and it was falling out by the handful. It was so bad that I couldn’t stop crying when I looked down into my plughole after a bath. I naively believed in all the marketing surrounding the Brazilian blow dry which claimed that it was a super natural keratin treatment and helped repair hair damage with the added benefit of smooth, silky and straight hair. Instead of that it absolutely ruined my hair, what a rip-off!! I should listen more to the old wisdom that if it’s too good to be true etc, etc. This was one of the big catalysts behind me moving over to using natural products and why I learned to read an ingredient list!


17. What are your tips for beautiful hair?
A lot of patience ^^
-> Cut any damaged hair to start with a good base
-> Avoid conventional products with dubious ingredient lists
-> Use gentle and natural products adapted to your hair type
-> Once a week make yourself a homemade mask; nourishing, hydrating, fortifying … (adapt according to your needs)
-> Once a month apply neutral henna as it’s an amazing product take care of your hair!! It makes it so shiny and strong. (I have spoken about it in this article)
-> Try to drastically reduce your use of heating tools as they dry and damage your hair. An even better move would be to banish them entirely
-> My most important tip though is…….have a good healthy diet!

18. What are your tips to make your hair grow faster?
-> Make a mask that stimulates the growth with:

Powder: brahmi or amla
Carrier oil: castor, mustard and coco
Essential oil: ylang ylang and bay st thomas

-> Give yourself a scalp massage to promote blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

Seeing as I didn’t give full recipes in this post I have decided to share some in my next blog posts so check back soon if you are interested! I am not sure who to tag in particular as I know loads of natural beauty bloggers have already participated and answered the questions in this tag but if you haven’t yet then please do not hesitate to do it and tag me on the social networks so that I can read your answers :-)


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