Maison Jacynthe Natural Makeup – Review

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

I have now managed to switch a large percentage of my beauty products to being entirely natural but I have to confess that I am still using quite a few pieces of what I would call conventional makeup. One of my new aims in life is to search out and find eco friendly makeup brands that create products so brilliant I will have no worries about leaving the ‘Dark Side’ behind completely. Everyone who knows me knows that this is my aim so I was very kindly introduced (by the wonderful blogger Green By Mercy) to a company, Maison Jacynthe, who produce all natural makeup! I was very excited to test out their products as they are nearly entirely natural and if they can go toe to toe with the conventional makeup then the last few beauty products I still cling onto don’t even stand a chance!

They only recently launched their complete makeup line and I was really excited to get the opportunity to test their products. I am really hoping that Maison Jacynthe will be the first in a wave of many companies to help the last few steps of my move over to using natural products. All of their makeup comes in beautiful packaging that is handmade from Cherrywood and Aluminium which is quite unique and stands apart from most of their competitors. They also have the novel idea of selling the base to you only once and then you buy a refill for the bronzer, blush and eyeshadows separately. This approach could be a little annoying the first time, as it can cost you slightly more, but is great in the long term for both the customer, brand and of course environmentally.

Maison Jacynthe Bronzer Review

Terra Cotta in color 01 Mattina – This is my favourite product of all 3!!! The color is spot on, not too orangey and not too browney. It’s a really nice, soft bronzer that is great for contouring. I applied the bronzer with my fluffy powder brush to my contour areas; over my forehead, across my temples, under my cheekbone and down to my jawline…….and then of course blended it all. It blends out so easily into a defined but realistic shadow! Overall I really love the result as it makes you look instantly healthier. The results are very subtle and it lasts throughout the entire day. This bronzer is 100% organic and made of coffee extracts, babassu butter, shea-tree butter, apricot oil and avocado oil. A bronzer made of coffee….what else^^. I’m so impressed with this bronzer that it is definitely going to replace my Nars Laguna and Benefit Hoola for good!! It costs $32 so it’s a bit cheaper than the Nars one and I can tell it will last for ages as I literally just sweep my brush lightly across it to do all my contouring.

Maison Jacynthe Blush Review

Blush in color 01 – This is a really beautiful brick red brown colour that looks quite drastically different to the picture on Maison Jacynthe website. I was not expecting this colour at all and thought it would be closer to a raspberry pink colour. So just bear that in mind if you are going to order any of their selection. On the positive side it is a stunning blush that perfectly suits the autumn shades. I was also quite surprised by the scent as I was not expecting it to smell so delicious! The quality is lovely and the application is very easy however the blush is very pigmented so if you have fair skin don’t be heavy handed or you might end up looking like a clown! It’s perfect for everyday wear and buildable for your evenings and made of 93% to 95% natural origin including coffee extracts, corn, macadamia and apricot oils (From what I can tell, the only ingredient that is not natural is the red pigment CI15850 so it doesn’t seem too bad at all). It costs $26 which once again places it into a very similar price bracket as something like a Nars blush and in my opinion it’s definitely as good!

Maison Jacynthe Lipstick Review

Lipstick in color 08 –  This lipstick is such a beautiful sheer matte coral but yet so vibrant and bright! It’s more of a summer shade than an autumn or winter color so I will probably keep it for my next sun filled holiday. However, just for the sake of this review I wore it for few days last week. The texture is a lovely creamy consistency which moisturises really well and doesn’t dry out your lips at all. Due to this the lipstick glides onto your lips effortlessly during application. I really like the fact that during the entire day it didn’t feel like I was wearing anything on my lips, which is rarity in most lipsticks. The cherry on top of the cake was that this lipstick fades in a beautifully uniform way throughout the day. This is a blend of coffee extracts (yep, seems to be the base ingredient for all three of these products and most of their range), candelilla wax and apricot wax and costs $33. I will definitely be getting more shades of lipstick from their range that will suit the cold months better as this one is such a light and summery colour.

Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review Maison Jacynthe Makeup Review

Maison Jacynthe has managed to produce an amazing natural line that is equally as good as many of the conventional high end makeup brands but without chemicals, petroleum, preservatives or synthetic fragrance. It’s cruelty free too! I’m really blown away by the quality of what they have achieved. If you are looking to switch your makeup to an all natural selection and don’t know where to start then you can stop looking and check out this beautiful range!

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  1. Mercy Hopkins
    30th novembre 2016 / 9:50

    Thank you so much for the shoutout! I’m so glad I could introduce you to their new natural makeup line – it’s incredibly lovely and you picked the most beautiful shades! I also have the 02 Terra Cotta and I love it despite it being a little too orange for me at the moment, haha. I considered picking out that blush shade as well, your photos make it (and everything else) look so gorgeous and soft. Highly recommend to try their concealer if you get the chance – it melts into the skin like a dream and has great coverage while still looking natural like skin. Absolutely love your photos and helpful review, thanks for sharing! <3

    • OhMySkin
      3rd décembre 2016 / 11:59

      Hi Mercy. Thanks so much again for the recommendation and for your kind comments!!! I will definitely try and find the concealer in the future when I have finished my current one :-)))

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