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Lucky Cloud Body Milk Review

My boyfriend was happy with my blog this week as he is somewhat proud of his heritage and birthright and so when he heard I had been contacted by a Scottish company he informed me instantly that he was certain their product would be better than all the other brands. I was a little worried he was going to put on a kilt and start playing the bagpipes but luckily he just bought some Irn Bru and read some Irvine Welsh and reverted back to his entirely non Scottish lifestyle! I must be honest and say that I haven’t really heard of many natural beauty brands from Scotland so I was quite excited at receiving the product to test too……but definitely don’t go telling him that! I was also insistent that his natural inbuilt bias towards anything Scottish would in no way cloud my judgement during my review. It was a few weeks prior to this discussion that the Scottish brand in question ‘Lucky Cloud’ contacted me to see if I was interested in trying out a few of their products and in particular a body cream and a lip butter from their range. I already had a very limited amount of knowledge of the brand as I’ve been following them on Instagram for a while but had never tried anything from their range. The small amount I knew about them was that all of their products are handmade in small batches using only natural ingredients and are 100% vegan. I am not vegan personally but for me, as a general rule, the less ingredients derived from animals, the better. I also always like to see that if any plastic is used for the packaging that it is fully recyclable PET plastic. So now to the fun part, actually getting to use and test the product.

Body Milk – This is the perfect lightweight yet nourishing moisturiser for the summer as it’s formulated with apricot kernel oil, thistle oil, orange peel oil, calendula, and salicylic acid. This combination means that it keeps my skin, which always tends to be on the dry side particularly on my legs, really well moisturised for hours. It sinks into the skin very quickly leaving it feeling soft and smooth. This really was a great bonus for me as it means that you can get dressed straight away after applying without that greasy sensation. The body milk smells quite puddingy like a creme brulee made with a hint of orange but it’s definitely not an overpowering fragrance at all and just leaves a very nice subtle scent on the body that lasts throughout the day. Next plus point is that it comes in my favorite kind of packaging: a bottle with a pump which is the most convenient and user friendly kind of packaging in my humble opinion. If you don’t like heavy body butters but still want something nourishing then this product might be a good one for you especially as this body milk is priced mid range. It costs £15 for 200ml and so is a great all rounder.

Lucky Cloud Lip Balm Review

Vanilla Lip Butter –  I have developed a little obsession with collecting lip balms. I now seem to have one in every corner of my house and quite a few of them hanging out in my bags. This means that I’m always happy to try new ones, especially when they come in the kind of cute little box that this one does which reminds me of tin mints come in. It’s quite a unique shape for a lip balm and very different from what we usually see in the market. This lip butter smells of really delicious vanilla and has a hugely effective formula for deeply hydrating the skin as it consists of Cocoa Butter, Almond oil and Thistle seed oil. The consistency is quite oily/creamy and leaves the lips soft and smooth. It also doesn’t leave any unpleasant residue like others shea butter or beeswax based lip balms that I have tried before. It feels really nourishing on the lips. I use it when exclusively when I am home, especially before I go to bed, as I avoid taking products outside that require you to put your finger in (for hygiene reasons). I definitely recommend this product and love the fact that it is not too expensive coming in at around £4 and does it’s job really well.

Both of these products are available via so go and grab them, and support Scottish enterprise (my boyfriend forced me to say that^^). Have you tried any products from this brand before as I would love to know your thoughts?

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