DIY – How to get strong white nails?

DIY How to get strong white nails

One of the biggest banes of my life seemed to be that every time I removed my nail polish I found that I was left with cracked, dry, yellow and weak nails. This was particularly true when I wore a red varnish, it was a complete disaster! So I stopped wearing nail polishes as often as I used to in an attempt to let my poor nails have a bit of a rest and hopefully recuperate slightly. I tried different products for ages in a vain attempt to get my nails back on track but never managed to find anything good for the job, let alone great. So I decided it was finally time to make my own recipe seeing as no one else’s had worked. I set about creating an oil mask for nails and a cuticle balm using only natural organic ingredients (obviously) that would help my nails become stronger and whiter! I had never done anything like this before and amazingly, to my huge excitement, these 2 DIY creations of mine made a massive difference! As you can see from the photo my nails now look really healthy……and trust me they were far from that before! I wish I’d had the foresight to take a ‘before’ picture but sadly I only have the after to show you guys, so you will have to take my word for it. My nails have grown so fast in comparison to how they used to grow and also now look much whiter since I started using these homemade recipes. I absolutely love both of them so of course I couldn’t keep these formulas all to myself and I had to share them.

DIY How to get strong white nails

First of all few tips to follow:

Nail polishes contain a lot of harmful chemicals, even those with ‘4 or 5 free’ still contain some nasties, so it’s important to let the nails breath once in awhile. By this I simply mean just go for a few days without wearing anything on your nails and leave them au naturel. Another huge tip is to make sure that when cleaning your house, or washing up, wear gloves to protect your hands and nails. Nails really don’t appreciate harsh chemical cleansing products or being in contact with water for long periods and both of these things really weaken your nails and cause them to crack and break. Another hugely important point is to make sure not to cut your cuticles as they protect your nail bed from harmful bacteria. By breaking that seal of protection your nails become vulnerable to bacteria and the possibility of infection. Last but not least try not to cut your nails and instead file them! Now all of those general nail health tips are out of the way it’s on to the recipes…..

DIY How to get strong white nails

Oil Nail Mask 20 ml

Organic Castor Oil 10 ml (Huile de Ricin)

Organic Almond Oil  5 ml (Huile de Amande Douce)

Organic Jojoba Oil 5 ml

Organic Lemon Essential Oil 10 drops (HE de Citron)

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 4 drops

Vitamin E 2 drops

Simply put all these ingredients in a bottle, put the lid on and give a good shake. Then pour some of the mixture in a bowl and let your nails soak in it for 20 minutes. Next massage the mixture into each nail paying attention to your cuticle. Finally use a little wooden cuticle stick to push back your cuticles remembering to be gentle and not too harsh on them. These oils will nourish and strengthen your nails while the ylang ylang essential oil will help to heal brittle nails and the lemon essential oil will help making them whiter and brighter. I do this mask once a week or alternatively each time I remove my nail polish.

DIY How to get strong white nails

Cuticle Balm 20g

1 tsp Borage oil (Huile de Bourrache)

1 tsp Castor oil (Huile de Ricin)

1tsp Shea Butter (Beurre de Karité)

½ tsp Beeswax ( Cera Bellina)

10 drops Lemon essential oil (HE de Citron)

Start by heating the Shea Butter, beeswax and the oils in a bain-marie. Once it’s all melted remove from the heat. Add the essential oil and mix well. Pour the mixture in a jar and leave it to cool. Then you just need to massage it onto the cuticles whenever you feel they are a bit dry. This balm really moisturises and soften the cuticles thanks to the mix of rich Shea Butter with the oils. I personally use it almost every day, I leave it by my bed side and apply some every night before sleeping. It has the huge added bonus of smelling so nice and lemony. Since I’ve been using it I haven’t had hard or brittle cuticles at all.

DIY How to get strong white nails

Both of these recipes are very easy and fast to make. They are so effective too and do such a spectacular job. Seriously, these treatments really help to keep my nails generally healthy and my cuticles free from being hard and brittle. After all these brilliant nail treatments though it’s time for me to go to file them as they are far too long now^^. If you make these recipes don’t forget to leave me a comment or tag me on Instagram @ohmyskin I would love to know your thoughts.


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