For today’s blog post I am going to revert back to one of my obsessions, beauty boxes! In this review I am going to focus solely on my first impressions of the new and exclusive Asian themed Vertue box! I have already posted a detailed review of a previous Vertue box here. The new Asian version of the vertue box contains 7 products in a combination of both mini and/or full size. Included in the box are both natural cosmetic products and health products, all of which are chosen according to the beauty profile that you filled in when registering. The box is available as a bi monthly subscription for £30 but for anyone who wants to try without any obligation, there is also a trial box at £18. So let’s dive in and see what’s in the box this time!

Siam Seas Purifying Herbal Head To Toe Mask 30ml £6 – Produced from 9 plants (ginger, turmeric, shikakai, mangosteen etc …) this powder mask aims to detoxify, treat inflammations, eliminate imperfections and illuminate the skin. It can be used on the face and body and mixed with honey, yoghurt, aloe vera, lotion or hydrolate. I find it rather nice to be able to customize the mask with other ingredients to target your specific skin concerns. I have read loads of positive reviews about this product which have made me really excited to start using it!

Whamisa Organic Hydrogel Mask £6.8 This moisturizing mask has a gel texture formulated using aloe vera, soy, fermented organic rice with rosewood, lavender and rosemary essential oils. The ingredient list is 100% natural and 95% of the ingredients are organic! I like to use this type of mask on lazy days as it requires very little effort which is always a plus point with my busy lifestyle. The advantage of hydrogel masks is that they become like second skin adhering far better than cloth masks with added bonus that the skin absorbs the product better due to this. Unlike other masks I have tested this one is not just single use but can be used 2 to 3 times a week for up to 4 weeks! I am really happy I have finally been able to test this organic Korean brand as have been wanting to for so long now!

Alchemy Amla Hair remedy 30 ml £9 This hair oil is made from 4 carrier oils; argan, avocado, caprylic and alma with lemon essential oil. It is used either as a mask on dry hair which is left for a minimum of 30 minutes or as a serum which is applied to freshly washed slightly damp hair. It is exactly the type of mixture that I like to apply to my hair bringing nutrition and shine! I was also pleasantly surprised by its divine citrusy smell.

Organic Tamanu Oil 50ml £11 – This is an organic certified cold pressed oil which is unrefined and packaged in a glass bottle. I have not yet had the chance to tested this oil so i was very interested to see how it would fare. So far it seems to be highly effective against dark circles! This has fallen into my lap at exactly the right moment as I have had very little sleep in recent weeks and you can see it under my eyes so this has served me very well already!

Chi Coconut Oil Pulling Sachet 10ml £ 1.4 – Oil pulling is a mouthwash inspired by Ayurvedic medicine which helps rid the oral cavity of bacteria and tartar. This sachet simply contains 2 ingredients; coconut oil (cleanses the mouth and whitens teeth) and peppermint essential oil (refreshes the breath). Simply pour the contents of the sachet into your mouth before circulating the oil between your teeth for 15 minutes and finally spitting out the mixture. Done.

Wunder Workshop Turmeric Latte £ 1.7 –This is the little healthy addition to the box! I have finally got the chance to test the famous golden latte! The latest trend in drinks that I see almost everywhere on instagram ^^. This golden milk is a mixture of powdered Coconut milk, turmeric, cocoa, vanilla and black pepper. All ingredients are certified organic! I must confess that the idea of Turmeric in my hot milk scares me a little…….I love it in curry but in milk…….let’s just say, I’ll wait and see ^^ I am definitely going to try it with an open mind and give it a chance as turmeric is very good for health so i hope i absolutely adore it!

Siam Seas Mekha Balm Cleanser 10ml £8 –We end with the product that is the least exciting for me personally not only as I have already tested it but also that I am not really a fan of this cleaner. Nevertheless, it is a product with a very nice ingredient list and contains honey infused with royal jelly, propolis, bee pollen, various carrier oils as well as active herbs. I find that this cleanser leaves a greasy feeling on the skin and is quite hard to wash off. I will definitely do a complete review on this product soon and perhaps my mind will change after prolonged usage but if you have been using it for some time then please tell me what you think about it? On social media the reviews I have found are rather divided.

The total value of the box is £44, so you save £14! I’m really happy with the content of this Vertue Box and can’t wait to properly test all of the products! What do you think of this box and will you be endulging in it??


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