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Box Evidence is the new French Organic Beauty Box that just hit the market a few months ago and I am glad to say it has a few unique features that set it apart from many of its predecessors. Their box is different than any of the others that I have tried before as inside not only do you find an organic selection of full size products including 2 cares (face, body or hair), some makeup and a makeup accessory but on top of that there is also a lovely tasty treat and everything is made in my beautiful home country of France.

I think it is a fantastic mix and I love the idea of a varied selection like this rather than it being limited to only skincare or bodycare. Unlike most beauty boxes all the products come in a pretty bag which is handmade by 2 members of the team. I adore this kind of attention to detail and particularly love this idea as I know that I will get much more use from this big pouch than from a box. The cost of the box is €34.9 per month but if you subscribe for 3 or 6 months it’s slightly cheaper and the good news is they ship internationally unlike most other french natural beauty boxes…….oh and another thumbs up for them as their website is in english too!!



Solid Deodorant Lamazuna €12,50 – This 100% Natural and Vegan Deodorant is formulated with the classic natural ingredients you might expect like Bicarbonate of Soda, coconut oil, kaolin clay and Palmarosa essential oil. This oil has powerful antibacterial properties and reinforces the action of the deodorant on your body. The shape is highly unique and original for a deodorant and starkly different to what we standardly see on the market. Most deodorants currently are either in the form of a pot, stick or roll on so I was really happy to try something completely new for me. The reason for its conical shape is that the company are attempting to make this product as low waste as possible to fit within the Zero Waste Market. The only packaging is a small compostable cardboard box and once you finish the product there is nothing left over, I really love this idea and hope that the deodorant is equally as effective. It smells very nice and is pretty simple to use, just wet the little cone and rub it under your armpits and marvel as the the product transforms into a white cream. I always prefer using a roll on or a stick but I found this one to be quite a good compromise when you know that it is Zero waste and even better that you don’t need to dig your fingers into an annoying little pot. I have been using it for few days now and it seems to be super efficient and I am left with zero odour at the end of the day! Bare in mind that the first ingredient is Bicarbonate of Soda and some people with sensitive skin can react badly to this ingredient so just letting you know in advance.


Lafare Shampoo Volume and Shining €16 – at first look I was really excited at the prospect of trying this product because of it great packaging. The vintage look seemed really cool and reminiscent of an old american Whiskey bottle from the prohibition era. I was also happy to see that it was a pump action as it is so much more practical when you shower. Why don’t all hair and body products come with a pump??!! But (yep unfortunately there is a but) I checked the ingredient list and saw that it contains Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate which can dry out your hair. This is an ingredient that I personally would rather avoid with my hair care products even though it’s not the most irritating sulfate and the shampoo probably doesn’t contain much. However, I have fine dry hair that are so fragile that I prefer using more gentle shampoo. If you aren’t as strict as I am with my ingredient requirements then this shampoo is based mainly around aloe vera with a touch of honey so it might be really nice but sadly I can’t comment.



Bo-Ho Lie De Vin Blush €12.3 – Surprisingly this is the first product I have tried from this natural cosmetic brand (which is definitely a fail for a natural beauty blogger like me not to have tried this French Brand ever before)! I hear only great things about them and see so many instagram posts raving about their products that I was pleased to finally get my hands on some of the range. What better way to dip my toe into their range than a stunning burgundy blush which is slightly iridescent, basically the perfect shade for this season don’t you think? It gives a very nice natural berry flush and will suit any skin colour beautifully. It’s very pigmented so a little touch goes a long way but you can layer on as much as you want or keep it very faint.

Raphael Blush Brush €15.9 – What a stroke of genius on their behalf to get a brush to compliment the blush. This one was perfect to apply the beautiful blush and made with synthetics fibres rather than natural so it is cruelty free too. It’s extremely soft and its angled shape allows nice precise application.


Barressentielle €1.90 – Oh gosh, these Cacahuète Agrumes bars were delicious and are typically the kind of snack I like having for my “goûté” at my desk (goûté is like afternoon tea I guess?)! They are made mainly from peanuts with the addition of citrus essential oils. I was quite nicely surprised to see this in the ingredient list of a snack bar as I have never seen it previously. I will definitely purchase them again but I will probably have to wait until I am back in France as I bet they don’t sell them anywhere in the UK. Oh and they are also vegan as well as gluten and lactose free.

I like the concept of the box as they are not only offering natural products but everything included is also certified organic which once again sets it apart from a lot of the other boxes on the market. I also was really happy about making loads of new discoveries which in my mind should be one of the main points of a beauty box. I do feel a little let down by the shampoo as in my eyes this doesn’t quite fit my view of a natural and organic product but the official regulations don’t seem to be quite as strict as I am. Apart from that, I am really quite pleased as it’s a really well balanced box in term of the product selection. The total price of the box if you bought everything separately would be €58,6 so there is a good saving to be made of €23.7……so really not bad at all. If you fancy discovering new organic products then this might just be the right beauty box for you!

What do you think about this box? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below as I would love to hear everyone else’s opinion of it!


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