How To Get Glowing Skin?

How To Get Glowing Skin?

Does your skin look dull and tired? Then this post is for you!

A few months ago I bought the Wellness Discovery Box from the Naturisimo website specifically to test the Madara Brightening AHA Peel mask. However, I was so in love with my usual face mask, the Antipodes Aura, that every time I felt like giving myself a facial mask i couldn’t bring myself to use any other. This meant that i ended up completely ignoring the Madara Peel and all my other masks! When i looked at my sample drawers, which were packed to bursting point with a plethora of different products, I decided it would be ridiculous of me to repurchase any of my previous favorites. I knew what i had to do! So there and then i made a pact with myself. I decided that i was going to start working my way through all of these sample masks before they expired as I had so many waiting just for one thing…… be used!

As anyone who has been on the sample section of the Naturismo website knows, whenever you make a purchase they allow you to choose up to 5 cute mini samples to accompany your purchase. Obviously with my obsession you can imagine how many of these minis i have ended up collecting. So now that my drawers are full to breaking point i have to try and wean myself off this habit. However, even still, the last time i visited their site i couldn’t resist buying 4 of the Odacite facial oil serum samples which finally i have found the time to test!

I will tell you now with absolute sincerity that all of these serums and the mask will definitely be bought in their full sizes as soon as the samples are finished! Honestly, I have never seen my skin looking so good! Even my boyfriend (who i think has literally never commented on my skin before) asked me what I had done as my skin looked different; brighter and so healthy! At that precise moment I knew that these products are going to be back in my shopping basket faster than even i had imagined.

I have been using these products for about a month now so i feel just about ready to give my verdict on them. The Madara Brightening AHA Peel Mask is a natural exfoliating mask containing amazing ingredients such as Lactic Acid which is one of the most popular AHAs in skin care as it helps to remove dead cells and toxins from the skin. It also has Lavender flower water which is recommended to treat acne as it supposedly helps spots to heal by reducing skin irritation and inflammation. Another interesting addition is quince fruit extract which is greatly valued for its high content of vitamins and minerals and purports to make the skin smoother. Galactoarabinan (GA) then acts as a gentle exfoliant professing to tighten the pores whilst also inhibiting moisture loss.

I apply the mask post-cleanse and wait 10 minutes before rinsing it off. Straight away my skin feels smoother and softer but it is when I apply the Odacite serum that I really start to notice the difference. First, I apply the Odacite Eye Contour Serum Concentrate and then move on to applying one of the three other serums next. I alternate equally between the Hydration Serum, Vital Glow Serum and the Pimples Serum switching equally between them. It is after this part of the process that the magic happens! My skin looks instantly fresher, healthier and beautifully luminous. Super glowing skin! All three of these Odacite serums have been absolutely fantastic and I can barely see any difference in terms of effectiveness between them. They have all achieved the same great result on my skin. However i will add that I probably need to use them over a much longer period before i can really appraise them separately. I think that if i do decide to undertake a slightly more rigorous testing of them that i should stick with the same particular serum over a defined period of time to be able to discern if there is any difference between the three! All these serums contains organic cold-pressed oils and their names are quite self explanatory so you can choose the one you want in relation to your skins particular needs!

I am completely sold on all of these products, they work really effectively together! Have you tried this mask or any of the Odacite products?

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