Favourite Natural Beauty Products 2017

I was tagged by the lovely blogger and YouTuber Naturellement_Lyla to do a post about my favourite natural beauty products of 2017. I think it’s a great way to highlight the products that impressed me the most this year……so let’s give it a go!

1. What day cream do you use daily?

In the morning I use the ‘Crème Visage Intense 63%’ moisturiser from Pure Aloe which is perfect for my combination skin that tends to dehydrate in winter (click here for full review).

In the evening I much prefer to use face oils. My favorite of this year has to be La Belle Lune Organic Skin from  which is great to soothe my skin and helps my spots disappear faster (click here for full review).

2. Most efficient makeup remover

Jojoba oil of course!! It’s the best makeup remover easily dealing with even the most stubborn waterproof varieties! I also loved using the makeup remover from Kosmetics which is a blend of carrier oils (castor, jojoba, apricot, sunflower, camelia). It cleans perfectly and rinses off very easily.

3. Name me your 5 favorite products for a pampering day (powder, essential oil, carrier oil)

The Complex 5 oil which is a mix of 5 essential oils from Naturactive, I like to diffuse it at home to create a relaxing atmosphere.

BYBI Prime time is a facial scrub that removes all dead cells and leaves my skin brighter and glowing. I am also addicted to its smell (click here for full review).

Madara Detox is a purifying face mask which really helps to get rid of all my imperfections (click here for full review).

My amazing DIY homemade hair mask which is made with powders (ayurvedic, spirulina or coconut) and carrier oils (avocado and kukui) to strengthen, nourish and moisturize hair. (Click here for the full recipe).

Moor Lavender Calming Bath for a wonderfully relaxing bath. Just a small dose of this in a hot bath with it’s beautifully soothing lavender scent envelops the entire bathroom. It’s an absolute delight.

4. Your favourite shampoo and conditioner

Sweetie from Pachamamai was my favorite solid shampoo this year. It brings a lot of softness and silkiness to my hair. As for the conditioner, I recently discovered Ultra-hydrating from Acure. It moisturizes and detangles perfectly which is a life saver as my super fine hair tangles so ridiculously easily.

5. Which products do you use to get your soft skin? (Scrub and body cream)

To have unbelievably soft skin I use my homemade body scrub that helps remove dead cells, tones and softens the skin. I mix 2 tbsp of coffee grounds, 1 tbs of dead sea salt and 2 tbsp of sweet almond oil. My favourite body cream has been the Tropical Blossom Body Butter from Evolve. This rich and melting balm envelops the skin with a delicious fragrance. I love it! (click here for full review).

6. Which deodorant do you use?

My favourite deodorant was definitely Schmidt’s natural deodorants in Coconut Pineapple or Geranium scents. I have tested loads this year (see my articles here and here) but they are the two that worked best on me and met all my requirements: no aluminum, practical format, nice smell and efficient.

7. Which makeup product makes you feel the best?

Mascara of course! I’ve also been loving using the Eyeshadow Trio from Honest Beauty. The shades are very pigmented, easy to work with and are all stunning.

8. Favourite product to clean the house naturally

I have 2 favorites right now:

• Black Soap, it is very effective for cleaning and degreasing everything.

• I discovered Kinn products this summer at the ‘Love Natural Love You’ exhibition and they have created a range of 4 cleaning products: bathroom, kitchen, floor and dishes. They clean perfectly, smell great and the packaging is really pretty.

9. Which tea or infusion do you drink daily?

Organic Cassis Menthe from Pagès (french brand). it’s a mix of mint and blackcurrant. It’s so good!

10. What is the book of the year that you would recommend to a friend?

I absolutely adore the Essential Oils by Neal’s Yard book. It’s an excellent book which is highly detailed and massively informative on essential oils. Clearly written and pleasant to read, this book makes it possible for everyone from beginners to experts to increase your knowledge on the handling of essential oils.

11. What is the conventional product you will never give-up?

Although I am more and more interested in natural perfumes, for the moment I still can’t separate myself from my favorite perfumes. I have been faithful to these perfumes for many years, Bal d’Afrique from Byredo and the classic Coco Mademoiselle from Chanel.

Everyone is more than welcome to do this fun tag too! Also, don’t forget to check out Naturellement_Lyla’s blog and YouTube channel.


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